10 rural resolutions that can lead to romance in 2021

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

10 rural resolutions for 2021 that can give your lovelife a January jumpstart when online dating

Let’s face it, we have more than fair reason to give 2020 a helpful shove off a cliff after a year of troubling and life-changing times.
However, for all the uncertainly, disruption and restriction it has placed upon daily life, we could also look back at 2020 as the year the whole nation rediscovered an appreciation for fresh air, nature and green space.

Throughout lockdowns, circuit breaks and local restrictions, the Great British countryside, coupled with a slower pace of life, has offered comfort, reassurance and time for reflection. The rolling hills, fields, meadows, bridleways and rights of way have become a ‘happy place’ for many.

With 2021 likely starting with much of the same uncertainly, a rekindled love of life outdoors is likely to play a big part in many a new year resolution; a craving for country life will be right up there as people look to escape the new normal.

Here we look at 10 rural resolutions – with country credentials at heart – that we think can give your love life a welcome January jumpstart in 2021 if you look for love with Muddy Matches:

1. Take some tiered time to re-assess and rediscover
Allocate some breathing space in whatever tier you find yourself to make an ordered list of what’s really important to you in a relationship. Take that clear-mindedness into taking a fresh look at online dating profiles you’ve typically overlooked. Someone may just tick boxes you didn’t expect them to tick at first glance.

2. Value the small stuff and find comfort in common ground
Explore the interests search and make more of the keyword filters to unearth someone who shares your values, interests and hobbies in life. Connecting over shared country credentials can lead to meaningful messaging exchanges that you really do care about and find more enjoyment in.

3. Quit the self negativity and embrace the baggage
Singletons looking for a second shot at love, back online dating having been separated or divorced, often tell us they believe their ‘baggage’ makes them less attractive a proposition; that their commitments on their time will limit their ability to date. Our advice; embrace your baggage, ditch the negative thoughts and be proud of who you are and your life stage. Life experience is good and should be celebrated.

4. Send a ‘feel good’ message to a fellow singleton
‘Loving your profile! You look so happy in those photos. Where were they taken?’ Sending some kind, well meant words in a message – even better without agenda – is a sure fire way to brighten someone’s day and raise a smile. Do it weekly to different people from your search results and your willingness to share a little emotion and spread a little happiness won’t go unnoticed = and it’s great for your sense of wellbeing.

5. Challenge yourself to up your visibility
Those singletons who interact with other Muddy Matches members regularly, show higher up online dating search listings. Want to get more interaction with your profile? Then challenge yourself to engage with at least 10 different singletons a week; be it a favourite, a wink or a message. Setting yourself a goal will push you from the shadows to someone who kickstarts conversations.

6. Broaden your horizons online
An easy one to apply with Muddy Matches; when meeting in real life is impossible under local restrictions, why limit yourself to building relations with folk on your doorste? Stretch that search radar by an extra 20 miles and widen your connections. Don’t let location put you off seeing who’s out there.

7. Be picture perfect outdoors
Challenge yourself to take 5 brand new selfies when out and about exploring the countryside or getting muddy in your daily routine and then upload them to your online dating profile.
A fresh new look to your profile can change first impressions, alter perception and entice new favourites.

8. Find a daily slot for muddy dating in your diary
We know many of our members have a fixed routine on the farm, in the yard, out in the fields – but why not fix a little slot in your diary every day to give your online dating experience with us a check-in. Just 10 minutes. Like clockwork; check your messages, run a new search, add to your favourites list, fire off a few winks. Take your love life by the horns. Same time, every night? Ok.

9. Take comfort in all creatures great and small
In 2020 we were encouraged to ‘hug a cow’ to get a deeper sense of contentment and whilst we believe that to be far fetched, getting closer to nature – and the unconditional love it brings – can have some positive impact on your physical, social and mental wellbeing. It’s why the rehousing of dogs from rescue centres is at an all time, record high. Also dog walking and interest in livestock – as well as animal selfies – are great ice breakers.

10. Don’t be a sheep when it comes to online dating
If 2020 told us anything it was that ‘Safety in numbers’ certainly wasn’t the case. We suggest applying the same logic to your online dating experience and choose not to follow the pack to the mainstream dating apps. Give niche sites, with a focus on decency, manners and common courtesy, like Muddy Matches a chance; our members tell us it’s a case of like-minded quality over quantity that makes us award winning.

Most importantly, get yourself out there in 2021 – whatever the new year throws at you.

Got another #ruralresolution you think our muddy singletons should embrace in 2021? Then tell us on Twitter @MuddyMatches