The devil’s in the detail for like-minded muddy singles

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

A profile full of passion is key to online dating success as singles bond over the muddiest of shared interests at Muddy Matches.

‘If you are interested in something, no matter what it is; go at it at full speed. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it, and, above all, be passionate about it. Lukewarm is not good.”
Roald Dahl

From a joint love of farming, ferreting, forestry or falconry to a passion for a life less concrete in walking boots or the saddle, online daters at Muddy Matches put greater onus on unearthing matches who have like-minded lifestyle and backgrounds as well as mutual appreciation of hobbies, country pursuits and aspiration.

That insight comes right from the horses’ mouth; our members, from all walks of country life, tell us that shared interests play a bigger part in forming meaningful relations than on other online dating websites and apps, where emphasis is placed on distance or appearance.

It appears sharing is indeed caring when it comes to looking for love in the countryside.

In fact, companionship and coupling inspired by common ground runs deeper with our muddy singletons suggesting that, when it comes to shared interests inspiring familiarity and attraction, the devil really is in the detail.

“I mentioned I liked vintage tractors” says Liz, who found her Muddy Match with us three years ago. “I got loads of messages as to the years, models and makes of my favourites. For the record they are a 1964 Fordson Super Dexta and a 1958 Massey Ferguson 35. I also have a 1939 Marshall Model M and that seemed to go done well with my muddy match.”

It’s not just farm machinery when detail raises its head on. Our members are particularly keen on knowing exact types of breed – the rarer the better – with talking livestock; as well as choice of brand of boot or the exact co-ordinates of your favourite walking trail on which to leave a footprint. The specifics around country pursuits also prove popular.

The message is clear: whatever your chosen passion, mention it with detailed gusto in your online dating profile and it raises your chances of unearthing the perfect match such is the preference of singletons to search by interest and hobby or keyword filter.

So our 8 key tips to ensuring you sell your country credentials through your profile bio and catch the attention are:

1 | Be specific when referencing your interests and hobbies with lots of detail other singles can relate to. Add dates, breeds, models and makes – and be prepared to be quizzed on it.

2 | Ensure you tick to add interests and hobbies from our carefully selected options – we know our members do filter their search results by interests to find those that share their passions and our dropdowns are designed to make this work well.

3 | Steer clear of copy and pasting bio copy you use on other dating apps and websites. Our Muddy Matches members put a greater value on words than users on the others apps and expect the content to be specific to country life.

4 | Be Muddy – See the 50 word bio as your opportunity to sell your country credentials and your association to life outdoors. Be loud and proud, whatever your association or whatever walk of life you come from – references to fresh air and green space will be appreciated even if they are a pipedream.

5 | Add some uniqueness and avoid overused cliches. We read many a new members’ profile copy that says ‘I like going out but I also like staying in’. With over 330,000 registered members, your profile is competing for air time so make it interesting and intriguing.

6 |Include lists. Other dating apps will tell you that lists don’t create connection but we beg to differ. Adding a list gives wider scope to appeal to people whilst showing a deeper appreciation for country life. We suggest adding your top 5 things you love about country life or the top 3 things that feature on your countryside bucket list for 2021 – they act as great talking points or even as an ice breaker.

7 |Prompt responses with a question that relates directly to your interests and lifestyle to help you identify who understands where you come from. What make of welly is your go to choice? is always one that gets a good response and gives you an immediate insight into a potential matches’ likes. Recommendations or shout outs for expert advice are also welcomed.

8 |Everyone loves an expert. Gen up on your passions, add the buzz words and keep it updated regularly with how you’ve lived out your passion in the real world. Those with a love of shooting – clays or game – do this well and it’s created a mini community of members who know what to look for.