How Christmas trees can reveal more about a match’s roots

Monday, December 13th, 2021


Pining for more info than offered in a dating profile? A Christmas tree in festive splendour can say more about someone’s true personality!


Ever wondered how to unearth more about a potential muddy match’s personality without bombarding them with questions over countless messages back and forth?

Well, for those who want to delve deeper than what’s been revealed in an online dating profile, the festive season may well provide a topical answer; ask your match to describe their Christmas tree – or, better still, upload a photo of them beside their tree to their profile.

Think it sounds like a load of old tinsel? Scientists say that the type, size and decoration of Christmas tree revellers put up can offer some hints to someone’s outlook on life and reveal more about their real character than typically they’d be willing to talk about.

At Muddy Matches, rather than say ‘baubles’ to the whole logic of it, we’ve come up with a festive selection of 9 tree types that we think work whilst online dating.

The Minimalist.
Picked for its perfect shape, dressed with just a scattering of warm white lights. Tactile baubles are discretely, almost reluctantly, placed – and strictly no tinsel. The minimalist likes simplicity and order in their life; they will want little drama in their online dating experience too, and there will be little fuss or fanfare when they connect.

Happiest when life is organised to within an inch of its life, and with a sense of purposeful routine whereby they login every evening without fail, their purposely sparse dating persona will be structured; the bio giving just enough thought-through info to catch the eye.


The Traditionalist.
All that glitters is gold, red and green. A traditionalist’s tree will be straight out of an 80s Christmas movie with ribbons, bows, glass blown ornaments and plenty of red tinsel. An angel or star – signifying contentment with life – will adorn the top.

The traditionalist will invest in traditional values whilst dating, placing extra onus on manners, courtesy and a sense of courtship. They expect to be treated with respect and that their will to connect, time and opinion are well considered. It’s the little touches that matter.


The Sentimentalist.
The Sentimentalist’s tree holds those dearest to them the closest. It will be reminiscent of memories formed from all the good times in their life. Some may consider it all a bit old fashioned by today’s standards but the patchwork of homemade, often wooden or stitched, ornaments and well loved decoration carries meaning and significance. Everything displayed tells a story.

When online dating, the sentimentalist will respond best to authentic connection based upon shared experiences, prompted memories and a joint recall of ‘remember when’. Intrigue, banter and vague replies don’t satisfy. As for romance; well think, courtship straight out of 1940s Hollywood. Slow, steady, genuine and certainly not frivalous.

The Quietly Understated
Part of the furniture; that’s how the quietly understated tree works. It just goes about its thing in the corner of the room, year after year, with minimal disruption and spotlight. Much like its owner’s online dating profile, it will be dressed to function well enough in its space; a quick spruce up every now and then to keep it that way; practical.

Still, it’s well received and people appreciate it for it’s very ‘fit for purpose’ reason. It says much about the character of its curator; well grounded, level headed, reassuring reliable and in no way attention seeking. You will notice it because, unwittingly, you went looking for something just like it. Safe and honest, it didn’t need to shout to catch the corner of your eye.

The ‘Not actually a tree’ tree.
You know the sort; well stacked wine bottles or carefully tiered books to resemble traditional tree shape and form. It’s unconventional stuff but ever so quirky. The ‘not actually a tree’ tree owner’s eccentric but mindful manner will be reflected in everything outwardly display; they will be a little bit random and somewhat leftfield.

But that wistful character will be come with a degree of elegance and artistic flair which points to a creative side. Online dating wise, they will rely on intrigue and give off a sense of intelligence – but be sure to expect the unexpected.

The All Whiter*
Faddy, fashionable and bang on trend, the all white tree with white decoration and white tinsel, often a little too big for the room its in, is for someone who likes the idea of getting their fair share of the limelight and is fond of making, brave, bold statements.

Crammed with confidence and self worth, the All Whiter likes drama – craves drama in fact – and expects a real fuss to be made; for people to take note, and significantly comment, on them. And they won’t be backwards in coming forwards if they don’t agree with the opinion.

They are life’s extroverts and want everyone to know it.
*For all whiter, also read the Hot Pink or the Shimmery Baby Blue.

The Hand Crafter.
Handmade decorations, but finished to the finest of details, the hand crafter will be hands on, imaginative but, at the same time, ever so thrifty and resourceful. They are likely to be unconventional with a clear sense of their own style. But also amongst the most flexible and open minded when searching.

Fiercely independent but introspective in nature, if they are going to online date they are going to do it properly, thoroughly and with genuine gusto. Their profile will have been pre-thought through and photos chosen with care.


The Drippingly idealist.
A tree fit for Trafalgar Square (no, not the 2021 version from Norway), decorated to the inch of its life with a million lights and crystal baubles each set to a colour palette designed to complement pine green….but in the lounge of a semi detached! The drippingly idealist has been planning for Christmas since Easter.

They will be the model online dater though – routine in their searches, thorough and selective with the choice of favourites. Their experience may also be regimented not to miss a new match or wink. There’s no winging it here… life sorted into little festive present boxes, hung from carefully selected branches… until a box topples over and then the flapping starts.

The Branch-er Out-er
Whilst others set sights on fresh cut Norwegian spruce, the branch-er out-er will find comfort in – and celebrate everything good about – the offcuts with a tree either formed of one well decorated branch, or a selection of carefully arranged sticks.

Baubles will still be hung and lights dangled, and its curator will be of caring nature, for whom spotting beauty in nature is everything. It’s not always about being protective or needy, nurturing or supportive either; more an appreciation and ability to let ‘potential’ bloom when no one else gave it a second look. Perception doesn’t really count for much here.

What does your Christmas tree say about you?

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