Five Tips For A More Meaningful Online Dating Conversation

Monday, November 09th, 2020

Five Tips For A More Meaningful Online Dating Conversation

Online dating messaging with can be fun, exciting and intoxicating. But, on the other hand, you might be finding it hard work and we’ve all received some totally unmemorable messages. So, how do you get the ball rolling on a fantastic online dating conversation that will really help you get to know your country match better? Here are our top tips.

1. Cut the small talk

We’ve already written at length about why a simple ‘Hey’ won’t cut the online dating mustard, but now we’re waging war on the small talk. Does it really make you stand out from the crowd? Get your online dating conversation off to a great start and open with a question that will entice a response. You know the sort… what’s your favourite pancake topping, cat vs dog, new lockdown hobby?

2. Commit to the conversation

Just like when your friends don’t reply to your Whatsapp messages (even though you can see those two little ‘been read’ ticks!), having to wait days for a response to your online dating message doesn’t really make you want to continue the conversation, does it? So, if you like someone, and they like you, why are you holding back from replying when you get the message? It will show you’re keen and make the conversation flow more naturally.

3. Refer to their online dating profile

When someone’s caught your eye on Muddy Matches’ countryside dating site, refer to their online dating profile in your messages. Rather than a blanket message, make it personal to them to show that you are interested. Asking questions about their life and hobbies is a sure-fire way to get your country match to open up and get chatting.

4. Consider a phone call before a first date

As much as we love online dating messages – there’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting a new message from someone you like – a phone call is a great way of taking things to the next level and giving you an idea about whether you’d hit it off in person. With online dating messages, you really get chance to think about what you’re going to write, but with a phone call conversation is far more spontaneous and you literally can hear their personality in their voice.

5. Don’t let things fizzle out

Hand up if you’ve ever been chatting to someone and then messages just die out. Disappointing isn’t it? If things have gone on too long, it’s easy to lose the initial spark. So, bite the bullet and ask them for a real life date. If you hit it off, great! And if you don’t, you won’t be investing time and energy into something that isn’t going to go anywhere.