Be proud to be a prude when it comes to nudes

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Decency standards at Muddy Matches means the only c*ck pics you’re likely to see are of actual chickens!

At Muddy Matches country life dating, we were interested to read that law makers in Finland are giving great consideration to outlawing the sending of ‘nudes’ by any means, this week.

It is a move that will no doubt raise a few eyebrows, especially with the offence carrying a potential 6-month prison sentence; something that is sure to make singletons – from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna – seriously consider clicking send.

But it is something that we doff our tweed cap to and applaud.

One feature of our award-winning customer care that often gets overlooked is our commitment to manually review all photos submitted to us for use in online dating profiles.

It is something we pride ourselves on; and, when we see eyebrow-raising stats like 41% of women under 35 have reportedly received unsolicited sexually-oriented images on other dating sites and apps, there is a reason that ‘all’ really does mean ‘all’ at Muddy Matches.

Our lovely customer care girls check over every new profile photo and every additional photo uploaded, reviewing them against the standards we set ourselves when it comes to decency.

Significantly, in the spirit of maintaining Muddy Matches’ reputation as a safe, trusted place to online date, we turn away, on average, over 35% of all photos uploaded weekly.

We also reject a notable number of full profiles too if we don’t feel their country credentials or motivations for joining match up to our muddy values.

Bucking the online dating world’s trend, the Muddy Matches messaging platform, which plays hosts to millions of exchanges between members each year, also does not allow for the sending or receiving of photos whilst logged in.

Obviously, we have little say what happens on other ways of communicating if personal details are swapped but we work tirelessly to ensure the welfare and comfort of our members whilst they are within the welcoming surrounds of the Muddy Matches community.

In addition to 300,000 member profiles to search, there are so many photos of cows, sheep, dogs, and horses to browse through that your eyes really don’t need much else to feast on.

That’s where our traditional values of decency, manners, and common courtesy kicks in. Call us old fashioned, or prudish; we have even been accused of ‘not being up with the times’ in that regard – but the sending of non-consensual photos goes against everything we stand for as well as the level of manners and courtesy we expect of our singletons.

The sending of explicit ‘selfies’ is something so readily associated to online dating, but it is damaging to the reputation and trust of sites and apps where they are far from a ‘thing’.

So be assured, whilst you are online dating with Muddy Matches – the original home of farmer dating in the UK – the only ‘c*ck’ pics you are likely to see are those of actual, genuine chickens!

After all, who doesn’t love a cheeky photo of a Sussex Bantam or a leghorn with its higher than average egg yield per year?