Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health In 2020

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health In 2020

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year, no matter your circumstances. We’ve all had to get used to socialising, working, and dating in a totally different way. We had all hoped that Autumn would signal a return to normality but sadly, we are still living in a world of restrictions. As we pass six months after all our lives changed, we know that a lot of people are beginning to struggle with their mental health. The ongoing strain, a feeling of isolation and restrictions on what we can do all take their toll. Mental health is a serious subject and it’s not something we talk about lightly. Today on Muddy Matches we’ve put together five ways in which you can help to look after your mental health but, for all of you who live in the countryside, we recommend that you turn to Yellow Wellies, who are committed to supporting the mental health of the agricultural community.

1. Reach out to talk to people you trust

Bottling your feelings in and trying to deal with everything yourself can build even more pressure in your mind. We urge you to turn to someone you trust and open up. It can be very scary to tell someone your deepest fears and thoughts, but opening up is the best thing you can do. There is nothing weak, and nothing to feel ashamed about, to admit that you are suffering. If you’re not comfortable speaking to a member of your family or a friend, there are many professional counsellors online who you can talk with other the phone or via video call.

2. Look for the good in each day

When everything feels out of control, try to turn your mind to things that you can control. By practising your mind to focus on the positive aspects of each day, bit by bit you can start to frame a more positive and grateful frame of mind. It’s not an overnight ‘fix all’ and it is a habit you need to form. Why not start by trying to write down three things that have been positive or that you’re grateful for at the end of each day? Meditation is also a simple practise that everyone can do. We recommend downloading an app such as Headspace or Calm to help you get started.

3. Set boundaries

For the past six months, the boundaries between work and home life have become blurred and it can be very hard to switch off. At we know that many of you are farmers so your work is your life, but it’s still possible to create boundaries and protect yourself. From giving yourself one hour free from your phone to setting aside thirty minutes a day for yourself, no interruptions, this time will give you space to be you – no work involved. if you’re not in the farming or countryside industry and are working from home, try to create a work space, log off properly at night and resist the temptation to check your emails. Taking your work emails off your phone and shutting away your laptop can be a life-changer. A simple step that will give you back your home life. If you find that work stress is having an unwelcome impact on your life then check out Outwit Trade for some ideas for stress relief.

4. Take time to look after you

Leading on from step number three, giving yourself a bit of self-care can transform your wellbeing. If you have work, children and animals to look after, it can often feel that you have no time for yourself. Block out some sacred time for yourself. Just half an hour gives you time to have a relaxing bath, do a short yoga class, have a walk by yourself, read, or do whatever you like to relax and regroup your thoughts.

5. Speak to a professional

Depression and anxiety can quickly spiral. If you’ve been suffering from low mood for some time, if you’ve had thoughts of harming yourself, or if you’ve noticed that your behaviour is out of character, it’s so important that you speak to your doctor.

You can find out more about mental health, anxiety and depression on the NHS website, or visit for information, support and to search for professionals in your area.