Eight October Dates For Country Lovers

Monday, September 28th, 2020

Eight Ideas For October Countryside Dates

As the days shorten, the air becomes cooler and the leaves turn on the trees, thoughts of cosying up with a countryside lover can be very tempting. Before you skip to the comfy part, though, you can have so much fun sharing countryside October dates together. In the name of muddy romance, we’ve selected some of the Muddy Matches team’s favourite ideas for seasonal, Autumnal dates. So, invite your muddy match, wrap up warm and get out in the fresh air for one of these romantic rural dates.

1. Apple picking

The quintessential countryside date, not only do you get to enjoy the actual date and experience of picking appleas yourself, you also get the joy of preparing them and eating them later on. As we are sure you’ll know, the British countryside is a haven of apple and pear orchards; you might even have some trees in your own garden or farm. Go solo and head out with your match to forage for what you can find or go a little bit more structured and head to a local apple day. You’ll be able to pick your own apples and you and your muddy match can learn all about heritage varieties and the history of apples. The best bit? After a day our in the fresh air, head home to rustle up a pie, crumble or bake. Yum.

2. Walking in the moors

A trip to the moors is a treat for the senses. From mile after miles of vistas over the autumnal landscapes to the crackle of dried heather and leaves beneath your feet, and not to mention the faint whiff of woodsmoke and falling leaves in the air, heading out to one of Britain’s beautiful moorlands is a wonderful way to spend a date with your country partner. We like to head out early to catch the last of the night dew twinkling on the leaves and work up an appetite for a picnic lunch. Don’t forget to to pack a bag or tupperware box to collect blackberries, sloes and other autumn treats. You’ll also get in some exercise as you breathe in the fresh air. Win win for country loving singles.

3. Pumpkin picking

Thought pumpkins were just for kids? Think again? If you love the outdoors and miss the heady soft fruit-picking days of summer, invite your rural love for a pumpkin picking date. Check out your local pumpkin farm online (often country estates and farms are a wonderful place to visit) then ramble the patch together to find the ultimate specimen. Head home and you and your country connection can get creative by scooping out the flesh for a hearty and delicious soup, stew or veggie curry, then get carving to create your spooky pumpkin.

4. Wild swimming

Whilst the air might be cooling down, the temperature of our rivers, seas and lakes is the warmest it’s been all year – just perfect for an invigorating dip together. Wear your skins or wetsuits, and pack your warmest, cosiest towels for afterwards. We love the idea of watching the sun set post-dip, complete with a homemade picnic and thermos flasks of hot tea.

5. Romantic rowing

Who says you can’t get out on the water in October, especially as many of you may have missed out through spring and early summer? You don’t have to visit one of the better-known destinations or lakes to have a go (although we wouldn’t say no to a pootle around Lake Coniston). There are plenty of places in the UK’s beautiful National Parks to discover, and many smaller ponds and lakes were rowing is an option.

6. Navigating a canalboat

Continuing the nautical theme, a calm day on the water is the ULTIMATE romantic day out. Show off your skills or learn something new, as you don’t need any experience to hire a barge for the day. We suggest packing up some refreshments, collecting your date then spending a day on the water. What can be more romantic than watching the British countryside drift by as you float lazily along the canal, complete with fantastic company?

7. Deer spotting

We know that all of you rural daters are passionate about spending time in the great outdoors and breathing in the fresh air. Although you can walk for the sake of walking, adding in an aim gives you some focus too. There are so many parks and estates with herds of deer, including Richmond Park, Clumber Park and Woburn Abbey Deer Park.

8. Garden cleaning + bonfire gazing

Autumn is a prime time for garden clearance and an afternoon in the garden, clearing leaves and undergrowth and preparing the ground for new seeds and plants is a surprisingly lovely way to get to know a countryside connection. After all your hard work, you can relax over a well-earned drink and dinner and, weather dependant, take it al fresco with a bonfire.