Six First Date Mistakes To Avoid

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Six First Date Mistakes To Avoid

This is it. The time has come to take your chat offline and meet your countryside connection in the flesh. We get it, first dates are always nerve-wracking. Will the spark you found whilst you were online dating be there in real life? What will we talk about? Will they be attracted to me? How do I behave on a date?

Whether you’ve been out of the dating game for a while or never got past a first date with someone, we have got your rural romantics’ backs covered. In this Muddy Matches blog we take a look at some of the false steps you could make that might put off a country dater from meeting you again, and how to behave well. Second date, here you come!

1. Don’t be late

Being late, unless with very, very good reason (and yes, getting stuck behind a tractor is a good reason), is a no-no. Nothing puts you on the back foot, and makes a bad first impression, than being late for your date. Being on time, and ideally a couple of minutes early, indicates that you’re taking the date, and your muddy match, seriously. If you are unavoidably delayed, we recommend sending a message to explain and give an ETA, but rocking up with no explanation or concern for keeping your date waiting does not bode well.

2. Try not to over-indulge

We know that alcohol can help to ease your nerves and help you relax, and bars, pubs and restaurants are ideal places for a first date, meaning that temptation and accessibility are optimal. But is getting drunk a good way to show off who you really are? What impression will that make on your country match? try to limit your alcohol intake to a couple of drinks, remember to drink a soft drink for each alcoholic one you enjoy, and if you know that you’re easily tempted, why not consider another date idea such as a walk, coffee or lunch?

3. Don’t forget to pay attention to your appearance

When you’re out in the countryside, comfy, old clothes are ideal. Who cares if they get covered in mud, muck and everything else you come across in your rural life? But there’s a difference between your daily life and date life. To make a good first impression, paying attention to your basic hygiene and appearance is key. At the very least, make sure you’ve showered, have clean hair, nails (well, as far as possible) and teeth, and you’ve put on a fresh, clean outfit. As well as being attractive to your date, it will also show that you take care of yourself, too.

4. Are you a chronic complainer?

When you’ve had a bad day, talking about it is a great way to get it off your chest and process what’s happened. But is your countryside date the right person to be on the receiving end? A date is all about you two getting to know each other, not to air your complaints. After all, you want to be remembered as the date who could hold a fabulous, interesting conversation, not as ‘the one who moaned all the time’. If you must, chat to or text a family member or friend before the date to get it our of your system, then move on.

5. Not offering to pay

Whatever your views on who should pay on a date (are you a traditional ‘guy should pay’ or equal ‘split the bill’ person?), it’s always polite to offer to pay or go halves on the bill. Your offer may or may not be accepted, but sitting and expecting your date to pay won’t go down too well and is a sure way to put a stop on that second date.

6. Are you self-centred?

When you’re nervous, chatting about yourself is easy… we’re sure you’ve been in that position where nerves loosen your tongue and you just cannot.stop.talking. If you know that you fall into this trap, remind yourself to ask questions, be interested, find out who your date is and what they enjoy… all great ways to help your date understand that you are really interested in them. To prepare, we have some great first date conversation starters and questions here, and remember to take a look at your country date’s Muddy Matches profile before you meet so you have plenty of topics and questions to include in your conversation. Talking about yourself all the time, not giving them chance to speak and cutting your date off… , well that sounds like you’re in love with yourself.