Five Reasons Why Dating Walkers + Hikers Is Great

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Six Reasons Why Dating A Hiker Is Great

Let’s hear it for hiking and walking! Here at Muddy Matches, we embrace the countryside and farming life wholeheartedly, and one of our personal favourite things to do over a weekend is to get outdoors and head out for a long, walk. We know that many for you do as well, which is why we’ve created these guides for wonderful UK walks – perfect for the crisp Autumn months of September and October. As well as rejuvenating yourself with lots of fresh air and exercise, it’s a terrific way to get in shape, see new places and spend time with your Muddy Match. If your countryside connection has professed a love for walking and hiking, then hurrah! This interest is a wonderful trait to find, and here’s why.

Hikers and walkers are practical and organised

Heading out on the moors, hills, dales and valleys for a full day of walking or hiking means that a certain level of organisation is needed. Your rural match is more than likely to be well-prepared for ay weather, eventuality or circumstance that arises. From building a fire to brew tea to working out how to cross an unexpected stream or river, to knowing how to pack a daypack with everything you might need, you can rely on them to be prepared.

Keen walkers have a great sense of direction

A walker worthy of their salt will be able to read a map, and they’ll even know what all the lines, symbols and contours indicate. Their prowess on the walk will filter into other areas of their life too. They’ll never have a problem finding the venue for your next date, and when you reach the stage where you’re heading off for a weekend or holiday together, you know they’ll be able to get you to your destination, argument free.

Hikers have stamina and strength

Forget that 30 minute at-home HIIT, walking and hiking is a far more enjoyable and efficient workout. With strong legs and core, as well as providing a great cardiovascular boost too, you can expect your country match to be full of energy and drive and, if you begin to date them and join them on their country walks, you can see the same benefits for yourself, too.

Walkers know to appreciate the simple things in life

From the way the shadows fall across a field or valley to the joy of a sip of fresh tea after a long, cold walk, hikers and walkers are content with the simple things in life. They’re more than likely to be happy in their own company too, rather than needy and clingy.

Hikers are up for a challenge

Never underestimate the power of a walker! Rather than a gently country stroll, walkers and hikers are willing to push themselves to bag their next peak or explore a new walking route. This philosophy won’t be confined to their countryside pursuit; you can expect this determination, drive and enthusiasm to be present in all other areas of their life, too!