Dating Habits 2020 – How Do You Compare?

Monday, August 31st, 2020

Dating Habits 2020 - How Do You Compare?

Over the past few months, the popularity of online dating has soared. With lockdown meaning that the possibility meeting potential countryside lovers out and about, thousands of you rural romantics turned to online dating, and that includes our country dating site to make long-lasting country connections.

With restrictions now easing, we’re seeing more of you begin to venture out for a real-life date. So, for matters of interest and to put your dating habits in context, you might find it interesting to see how you stand in comparison to the latest dating trends, according to a recent survey into the habits of online daters.

It seems that online daters are keen to make an impression, with many spending almost an hour getting ready. As well as personal grooming, selecting an outfit and doing hair and makeup, this figure also includes time spent researching the new date online (in the name of safety) as well as checking out the venue.

All that time getting ready means you have to have the right gear and equipment to look your best. But which gender spent more on their pre-date prep? According to this survey, men spent around £74 on each date, whilst women invested a mere £53.

Want to learn about how to make the best impression on your first date? We’ve got a whole Muddy Matches dating advice blog on impressing here, and if you’re concerned about your personal safety, take a look at our easy to follow guide here.

How many dates do you go on each year? At Muddy Matches we really encourage you to get to know someone well via our online messaging service before you meet in person, but the average number of dates an online dater goes on per year is 13. How about you? Let us know via our social media channels.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of dates can add up to be rather expensive. For each of these 13 dates, the ballpark figure was just over £100 for each date. If you’re looking for a romantic yet less pricey way to impress on your date, we’ve got some fun, country-based date ideas that won’t break the bank here.

Do you go Dutch on a date? Men, do you expect to pay for the date? Women, are you firm believers in splitting the bill or do you expect your male date to pay? We’d love to know what your experiences are, as this survey showed that men contributed just over 70% more on each date. Dating etiquette can be a tricky path to tread, so we’ve written this muddy matches dating advice blog for having a great first date so you don’t need to put a foot wrong.