How To Craft An Online Dating Message That Will Get A Response

Monday, June 29th, 2020

How To Craft An Online Dating Message That Will Get A Response

When you find someone who catches your eye on, your very own needle in the haystack, if you will, the next step is to send an online dating message. There’s no point in letting them know you like them with a ‘Wink’ if you don’t follow it up. But where do you go after the all-important ‘Hi’? Your online dating message is, in effect, your very first love letter so you need to make sure it strikes the right tone and gets your country relationship blazing. Here’s how.

1. Be positive

An upbeat, friendly, warm message is much more likely to get someone’s attention and have them writing back to you than a negative, needy few sentences. Imagine how you would greet someone new in real life – with a warm smile and a welcoming demeanour – and try to convey that same sense through your writing.

2. Be thoughtful

Your first online dating message is a gateway to future conversation, so rather than writing an essay about yourself, keep your message on the shorter side and try to weave in a few questions to encourage your countryside single to reply. You would never meet someone and launch in to a monologue about yourself, so apply the same principals to your online messaging technique.

3. Be careful

Well all use humour as a mechanism to make people like us and break the ice, but it’s super important to make sure your jokes don’t fall flat. Is your humorous comment genuinely funny or is it just plain weird? Think about the impression your words will make; have you said anything that will turn someone off?

4. Be personal

We’ve all had those generic messages which are clearly copied and pasted to many, many rural singles. Take your time to read someone’s online dating profile to get a feel for who they are and what their interests are, then refer to them in your message. Showing a genuine interest will let someone know that you are invested and really want to get to know them better.

5. Be interested

Just as you are weaving an interest in to your country single’s interests and lifestyle in to your message, try to ask a few questions as well. Encouraging someone to open up is a great way to get them writing back, and the conversation will flow.

6. Be slow

Tempting as it may be to take things offline straight away, take your time to get to know someone before you ask them to meet in real life. Making a genuine countryside connection takes more than one message, and as you get to know someone better through words and daily interaction, you’ll have a better basis for getting on in real life when you do meet. And, take it from us, asking someone on a date in your first ever message probably won’t get a response.

7. Be kind

Everyone’s lives have been different and someone else may have taken an alternative route, but who are you to judge? When you’re writing, be open, compassionate and kind; trying to understand who someone is and where they are in life is a great basis for a countryside relationship and shows what a catch you are.

8. Be brave

Ever looked at someone’s online dating profile and thought, ‘They’d never be interested in me’? Well then, you have nothing to lose by reaching out and making the first contact. It’s impossible to predict whether you will get on with someone, even if their lifestyle, interests and values align closely with yours, so who’s to say that this ‘out of your reach’ rural single won’t love who you are? Take a breath, read their profile and take the first step.