Six Tips For A Successful Video Date

Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Six Tips For A Successful Video Date

Have you heard? A video date is the new first date. So how can you make it a success when you want to get to know someone who you’ve met on our countryside dating site better? Let Muddy Matches show you how, and excel whether you’re a techno-phobe or a techno-fiend.

1. Don’t leap straight into requesting a video date

Video dating is exciting, it’s fun and it gives you a real feel for whether there’s a connection with that rural single you’ve had your eye on. But wait! It can be tempting to jump straight in and ask someone to chat over video after just a few messages have been exchanged, but it’s really worth taking time to build a rapport before you ask the question. Impulsivity is great, but getting to know someone takes time, and the more you know about them the easier that first video call will be when it comes about. Let love in the country commence!

2. Get ready as if you’re going on a ‘real’ first date

Just because you’re not meeting in person doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort when you speak to your countryside connection face to face. You don’t need to go for the full works, especially if you’re a rural romantic and more at home in wellies and a mac, but please try to put a fresh and clean top on, spruce up your hair and. Not only will looking good give you a confidence boost and help you to feel good, but your date will know that you’re taking them and your first date seriously.

3. Tidy up the background

We, as much as anyone, loves having a little nosy into someone else’s house but does your first date really want to see piles of clutter and dirty washing behind you? Just as you’ve taken time to spruce up yourself, take a few minutes to clean up the area behind your camera. Check the lighting so that you’re well lit but not blinded, play with the angle of your camera – eye-level is best to avoid any unintentional double chins, and relax.

4. Get rid of any distractions

If you’ve been working from home you may be very familiar with the distracting influence of being at home. Seeing those jobs you need to do surrounding you, having the radio or tv on in the background, and having constant notifications pinging up on your phone does nothing for your concentration. Your countryside date deserves your full attention though, so either try to ignore all of those other thing going on or, or that’s not possible, try to have your video dates in a place which is clear and calm. Turn off your notifications, switch off the radio and instead, create an atmosphere that’s conducive to a romantic date. Light a candle, pour a nice drink and concentrate on your muddy match.

5. Take time to listen

We admit, chatting virtually can sometimes be a bit challenging. There may be a slight time-lag, a delay between video and sound and not being able to really read someone’s full body language can make it tricky to time your comments. All of this adds up, making it super easy to talk and talk in a monologue, but slow down, let yourself adjust and listen. Yes, conversation might be a little more stilted than in a real life meeting but once you get used at it, the banter can flow between you, no problems.

6. Add in an activity if one on one conversation feels a bit intense

Daunted by the thought of a face to face conversation? Why not add in a fun activity? You could take advantage of one of our tasty lockdown offers and have a virtual tasting date (we’ve got beer, chocolate, fudge, cheese, meat, yum!) or explore the beautiful British countryside with a 360 date. We’ve also got some great conversation starters as well as some fun questions to ask, all designed to break down the barrier between you and get you chatting.