The Ten Minute Update For Your Online Dating Profile

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

The Ten Minute Update For Your Online Dating Profile

In recent months, online dating has become more and more popular as people turn to virtual resources to make countryside connections. So, how can you make sure that your online dating profile pops out in a sea of rural romantics? We’ve got just what you need as we’ve gathered our ten+ years of experience in the online dating field to give you all you need to refresh and revitalise your Muddy Matches countryside dating profile, ready to attract your own Muddy Ever After. And all it takes is ten minutes.

1. Update your online dating profile pictures

Still got that photo from six years ago when you were cavorting in the snow? Take time to upload a recent, fresh and seasonal photo. Your photo plays a large part in catching someone’s eye and tempting them to click through to your profile and finding out more, so it’s vital that you really show off who you are through your choice of image. Make sure that your face is clear and maybe that you’re shown in an environment you really enjoy. So, if you’re a keen horse rider, with your horse; if you love hiking, then maybe on your latest route; or if you revel in farm life, on the farm.

2. Make your first sentence really stand out

Imagine how you read a news article or new book. You read the first couple of sentences clearly and, if the subject grabs your attention, you continue to read. The same applies to countryside dating profiles so really try to make sure that the first couple of sentences highlight who you are and what you’re about; your headline, if you will.

3. Check what interests you’ve ticked

If you set up your online dating profile a while ago or if you’re reactivated your dating profile, you may have gone galloped ahead into online dating without reviewing the interests that you originally selected. We know that countryside types are loyal to their countryside pursuits but acknowledge that things change and interests develop, so it’s worth going back to make sure that what you said is still true.

4. Expand on your online dating profile text

At Muddy Matches we request that you fill out your online dating text with at least 200 characters, but is that all you wrote? We know that rural romantics like to find out lots about other countryside singles, and what you write can show off a lot about who you are and what you’re like. So, try to write a bit more about your country life and interests; it’ll give other muddy singles a great feel for the sort of person you are as well as giving them lots of starting points for conversation when they start messaging you online.

5. But make sure you don’t give everything away!

Try to leave something to the imagination, so don’t make your online dating profile into an essay. If you do, what’s left for another rural single to find out?