Protecting Your Privacy Through Your Online Dating Photos

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Protecting Your Privacy Through Your Online Dating Photos

At Muddy Matches we love sharing our insights for online dating, learnt from over 10 years of bringing countryside singles together. We love seeing country couples meet and declare their #MuddyEverAfter ending, and truly believe that a shared passion for the rural life is a wonderful basis for a life together.

When you begin online dating with us, the profile photos that you choose can speak a thousand words, so it’s vital that you select those that really show off who you are. But at the same time, we want you to have a safe and happy dating experience, so it’s really important that you consider what details you share via your profile text and photos on our countryside dating site. You can read more about keeping yourself safe when you write your online dating profile text here, and today we’re pleased to share our quick and easy guide to help you protect your privacy in your profile photos.

1. Avoid workplace and sports team logos on your clothing

It’s always best to be wary about sharing personal information that would enable someone to find you offline, so think carefully about what details you’re revealing on your profile photos. Avoid including any logos on your clothing that would advertise where you live or any clubs or sports teams that you are a member of. You can use our editing tool to crop out a logo. If you forget, all photos are checked by a member of the Muddy Matches team so we will do our best to blur out any details like this to protect your privacy.

2. Don’t share your personal contact information on your photos

When you write your online dating profile, we don’t allow personal contact information (such as email addresses or social media handles) to be included and the same applies to your photos. Please don’t overlay your photos with your social media handles or they won’t be published.

3. Avoid including faces of other people, including children

Sharing family pictures on your online dating profile really does show that you are a family-oriented person who loves spending time with those who are important to you, but it’s vitally important that you leave out your children’s and grandchildren’s photos, to protect you and them.

4. Use a brand new photo as your main photo

To avoid other singles finding you on social media away from Muddy Matches, we recommend that you use a new profile photo that you haven’t used elsewhere (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.) Don’t worry; you can refresh it regularly so it reflects your interests and seasons too.