Lessons From Lockdown For Muddy Matches Online Dating

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Lessons From Lockdown For Muddy Matches Online Dating

What will you take forward from lockdown? For us at Muddy Matches HQ, spending more time at home, having chance to get stuck into projects rather than just brush the surface, and just ‘being’ has been invaluable. Our approach to online dating has altered, too. Yes, it’s been challenging but there are six lessons we’ve learnt that we want to share with you, our romantic rural daters looking for a meaningful countryside connection.

1. Taking things slowly is sweet

Lockdown means that we haven’t been able to date in our usual way, so going slow is the only option. You may have found yourself exchanging more messages with countryside lovers before chatting in face to face (via video dating), and for many of us this has been a wonderful way to get to know someone really well and make a lasting, deep connection.

2. Video dating is a great way to break the ice

First dates are always nerve-wracking, but some of those flutters can be avoided by having a video date instead. Having a virtual meet-up over Facetime, Zoom or Skype can really help you to break the ice in a less stressful way, meaning that when you can meet in person, you’ll be comfortable heading out to your date and making conversation will be a lot easier.

3. Getting creative with dates is fun

When real life dates are out of the question, we’ve really stretched our creativity to come up with some fun, interactive dates that help you and your countryside match make a deeper connection together. When real life dating resumes, why go down the normal coffee and chat route? Take inspiration from your weeks in lockdown to do something really different: a certain way to make memories.

4. Your communication skills will have developed three-fold

All this online dating means that you can’t rely on your body language as much as you might on a first date. To compensate, all of us countryside singles have had to rely on our written skills and verbal communication to let other rural singles know about us and how we feel. You’ll really have honed your skills in picking up on subtle signals in online dating messaging, and when you’re video dating you have to work extra hard to let your country date know how you feel.

5. All this time by yourself means you really are happy by yourself

If you’ve ever felt that you want to meet someone to ‘complete’ you, then dating probably isn’t going to work out. After weeks in solitude, we’ve definitely found that we’re more at peace with ourselves and who we are. The result? When we start meeting rural singles once again we’ll be looking someone to complement our lives, not fill them.

6. Take time to enjoy your search and play with your settings

Lockdown slowed life down to a more leisurely pace, and with more spare time came more opportunity to browse through other singles on MuddyMatches.co.uk. Instead of having to conduct a quick search or use a previously saved search, we hope that you’ve had fun creating new, wider searches to see who came up. Taking this forward, widening your search options and taking more time to look at who’s out there beyond your initial boundaries can really throw up some gems. And who knows; one of them. might just be your #MuddyEverAfter.