Six Ways To Celebrate June The Muddy Way

Monday, June 08th, 2020

Six Ways To Celebrate June The Muddy Way

Summer is here! And we could not be more delighted. Here at Muddy Matches HQ we can’t wait to get outdoors and make the most of the long summer days, and we’ve collected our favourite seasonal pastimes for you to enjoy, despite current Covid-19 restrictions. Have we missed off something you love? Take a moment to let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

1. Harvest your early summer crops

All of that work throughout March and April is starting to pay off, as seasonal fruit and veg start to ripen. In our Muddy Matches gardens we’re picking salad leaves, rhubarb, radishes, early strawberries, beans and potatoes. There’s something truly special about tucking into a home-grown meal.

2. Go on a long-awaited socially distanced date

Since lockdown began in March, we’ve been championing all the ways in which you can connect with other rural singles to build deep connections. With the gradual lifting of restrictions, the time has come for you to start meeting your country love in real life, adhering to social distancing of course. For a first date, we recommend that you stick to meeting in a place with plenty of other people around. How about a park, a local beauty spot or even just a village walk? Even with a two metre distance, meeting in person and chatting face to face will help you to get to know your rural match even better.

3. Have a staycation in your garden

It seems as if exotic holidays, and even staycations here in Britain, are out for the moment, so why not take advantage of the warm, dry weather by having one at home? This is really great if you have kids too. Set up your tent, get out your camping gear, collect some books, music and outdoor games, order in some campsite food and kick back and enjoy yourself. Our perfect staycation would go something like this. A cup of coffee brewed over the camping stove enjoyed whilst admiring the flowers and veg in the garden, then relaxing in the hammock with a good book. Have a quick boogie to some music then stretch your legs with a local walk (keep your kids entertained by taking along a wildlife tick list (lots of ideas here on Wildlife Watch)) and maybe even cool off with a paddle somewhere secluded. Finally, back in your garden, cook up a campfire feast (or use the BBQ as an alternative) and watch the sun set before turning in (to your tent, or in to your bed). Summertime perfection!

4. Rediscover your local beauty spots

Local beauty spots, National Trust properties and private gardens are beginning to open up. Many of them require pre-booking, though, so get organised and plan your visit. The change of scene, a trip out and the chance to see somewhere historical and beautiful will make this a visit to remember.

5. Get up early to enjoy the dawn chorus

With the days getting longer and sunrise being about 5am, it’s a really wonderful time to make the effort, get up early and listen to the dawn chorus. A quiet start to the day like this actually acts as a form of meditation, giving you peace, calm and gentle energy for the day ahead.

6. Have an alternative summer solstice celebration

Traditional summer solstice celebrations may not be able to go ahead this year, so why not create your own in your local area? If you can see the sun set from your garden or house, then super! If not, identify a place close by where you can. Pack your blankets and hot drinks, then relax whilst watching the sun go down on the longest day of the year. Singing and dancing options.