Eight Things To Remember When You Date A Countryside Lover

Monday, May 25th, 2020

Eight Things To Remember When You Date A Countryside Lover

For over ten years, we’ve been motivated by bringing countryside people together. Whether they’re out and out country lovers, or have just a teeniest smidgen of passion for the rural life in them, we’ve had thousands of #MuddyEverAfter couples find love on MuddyMatches.co.uk. But, to prepare you for life with a countryside lover, it’s important that you realise just what is in store. We present our Muddy Matches guide to what you need to know when you date a countryside lover.

1. Wellies and waterproofs are de rigueur

When you love the countryside, you have to have the wardrobe to match. If you’re entering into a rural life with your countryside love, It’s time to pack away your city smart shoes and those impractical heels and embrace something a little sturdier. Life in the countryside calls for wellies, work boots and waterproofs. It doesn’t stop there though. You’ll be rocking a boiler suit before you can say ‘love in the countryside’.

2. You’ll need to learn a whole new vocabulary

From acreage and fallow, irrigation and silo to uprooting and rotation, your vocabulary will soon expand to incorporate a whole new lexicon and concepts. It’s the only way to keep up with the banter between your rural love and their friends. Watch out; you’ll be debating the various benefits of John Deere tractors versus Massey Ferguson before you know it.

3. Get ready to drive miles to meet your friends

If you’re thinking about swapping a townie life for a more rural retreat, then you better be prepared for the mileage involved. Us countryside people know how it feels to live in the back of beyond. No quick trips to the shops for you! Oh, and don’t think you can rely on the internet to stay in touch either. It can be distinctly patchy.

4. Romantic dates will have a distinctly rural feel

Fall in love with a countryside lover and you have to fall in love with the countryside. We, as much as everyone, enjoy the novelty and bright lights of the city, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the seasons change and the rhythm of nature when you’re dating. If you’re stuck for ideas for countryside dating, feel free to check out our fun list of outdoorsy dates to inspire you in your country loving.

5. You’ll get acquainted with eating seasonally

One of the things we love about the UK is the abundance of seasonal produce. Yes, we know that you can get strawberries and avocados all year round in the supermarkets, but try eating with the seasons. Not only will you get a greater understanding and appreciation of the British countryside, but consuming seasonal fruit, vegetables and meat will make you great. From hearty, wholesome stews in the winter to light, fresh salads and fish in the summer, we know you’re going to love it.

6. Your social calendar will now include countryside shows and rural events

Farming life has a very specific calendar and one which country folk value highly. As you get to know your rural love better, you’ll come to understand that the year is about much more than spring, summer, autumn and winter. The year runs through from weaning calves and general maintenance in January to lambing and planting in the spring. Come June and July, there’ll be livestock markets and country shows galore before the harvest starts to come in.

7. Your car will always be adorned with least a little bit of mud

You’ve heard the rumours that city range rovers come with a spray can of instant mud haven’t you? Well, put that can away because out here in the countryside it’s guaranteed that your car will be testament to where you live. There’s nothing quite like wiping your registration plate free of mud though to make you feel as if you belong.

8. Weather isn’t something you watch on the TV, it’s something you feel

When you live in the countryside, you’ll learn to read the weather. Did you even know that snow has a particular smell? For all situations, we recommend layers. See point 1.