Eight Tips For Virtual Dating Confidence With Muddy Matches

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Eight Tips For Virtual Dating Confidence With Muddy Matches

In times of Coronavirus we’re all getting used to some brand new ways of living. From work to exercise, socialising to dating, we’ve all had to adjust what we do and how we do it. In terms of countryside dating, online and virtual dating is the way to make connections with other rural singles. We get that meeting someone online and dating via video may not necessarily seem as ‘real’ as meeting for a first date in person, but you may still find that you experience the same emotions and nerves as before. Today, Muddy Matches is proud to present out ultimate guide to navigating the world of online and virtual dating with confidence and energy. Read this blog, bring out connection with In this blog post we’ve put together our top tips for getting you ready to date with confidence and excited for what your dating future holds.

1. Ask yourself, are ready to start dating?

Hurtling from one relationship straight into another is not ideal when you’re looking to meet someone for more than just a roll in the hay. If your relationship wounds are still raw, you still have feelings for your ex or you are still thinking about them all the time, why not give yourself time? Distracting yourself with online dating won’t help you to heal, but when you’ve spent time being you, knowing who you are and what you want, you’ll be in a great place to start online dating with confidence and energy.

2. Choose your online dating site with care

Muddy Matches is our name and online dating is our game, and we know that there are countless online dating websites out there on which you *could* meet the perfect match. If you love the country life, though, we think that MuddyMatches.co.uk is the perfect place to meet someone special, as every other rural single will share passion for life and love in the countryside with you.

3. Read our guides to setting up your online dating profile

Like anything, going into online dating with no idea what you’re doing or how to do it isn’t the best premise for dating with confidence. We recommend that you read our easy to follow guides to creating your online dating profile. From registering and getting started to selecting your preferences and guides to writing a profile that truly reflects who you are, taking a few moments to get acquainted with our countryside dating site will really pay off.

4. Select your favourite online dating photos

Recently, we made it essential that all of our rural singles have at least one photo online. As your profile picture is the first thing that other muddy matches singles will see, you need to make it as eye-catching as possible, and really speak a hundred words about who you are. We’re not talking photo-shopped, air-brushed photoshop beauty here. We suggest selecting an honest and genuine photo of you feeling happy and relaxed. As well as letting potential dates know exactly what to expect when they meet you in real life (eventually), seeing a great (but real!) photo of yourself is a quick-fire way to boost your confidence. Take a look at our fab Muddy Matches guide to the perfect profile photo here.

5. Be yourself

Faced with an empty text box to write about yourself can sometimes induce a case of writer’s block. What on earth should you write? A few tips to bear in mind are: be yourself; describe who you are and what you like to do; showcase your highlights and your good points; write as you would speak. For inspiration and more advice, head to this countryside dating blog for some points to follow. But the main thing to remember is, be yourself. Don’t try to be the person you think someone wants you to be, or paint a picture of the person you *wish* you were; any date will soon find out it’s not the truth.

6. Don’t be afraid to make the first step

So you’ve got your online dating profile written and approved, and you’re all set for dating online. What next? It could be easy to sit back and wait for the winks and online dating messages to come in but a far more proactive and confidence-boosting way to get countryside dating is to make the first move. Create some searches to find other rural daters who share your interests, then send a message to anyone who catches your eye. Putting yourself out there and challenging yourself to do something that may not come naturally will give your self-esteem a real boost and put you in a great position to get chatting with country singles.

7. Ask someone on a video date

A first date is nerve-wracking, and the same goes for a video date. Just remember, the same rules apply. To help you have a fun, confidence-ful video date you might find this Muddy Matches guide handy.

8. Take the pressure off

Giving yourself a deadline to meet someone is going to take away from the fun and enjoyment of countryside online dating. It takes time to build a connection online, especially when you can’t follow the next natural step of meeting in person. Relax, have fun and let the good vibes flow.