Five Ways To Keep Your Rural Relationship Alive Through Lockdown

Monday, May 11th, 2020

Five Ways To Keep Your Rural Relationship Alive Through Lockdown

Here at Muddy Matches we know that some of you countryside daters were just getting to know your muddy match better before lockdown occurred. And we know that some of you, whose relationships were fresh and new, are even isolating together!

Today’s blog looks at the delicate issue of keeping your countryside relationship going during lockdown, whether your relationship was just spreading its wings or was well-established.

1. Make sure you keep talking – in the way that suits you best

At the beginning of a relationship you and your country match are still getting to know each other, your likes and dislikes and how you operate. Whilst its easy to assume that your rural date loves to Zoom chat as much as you, it’s really important to remember that may hate video calls, feeling much more confident and at ease with another type of communication. Just as we all learn in different ways (remember that visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic learning back at school?). different daters like to communicate in different ways. From video calls to phone calls, video messaging to text messaging, or even by hand-written letter, everyone has a means in which they feel most happy, confident and able to open up. It’s all about the happy balance, so don’t be offended if they are uncommunicative over video, or never return your texts. Chat to them about how they’d like to stay in touch, be honest about how you’d like to hear from them, then work together to find a balance that suits you both.

2. Keep some time for you

Lockdown life is very different from our usual routine and, because we’re all getting used to it, can be exhausting. We’re all learning different ways to shop, exercise, socialise and work, so it’s understandable that you need some time to recharge and look after yourself at the end of the day. Much as you, or your country match, might like to be in touch as soon as possible, set some boundaries so you can factor in some time for you, and for your friends and family too.

3. Try to keep date night

Lockdown restrictions mean that countryside and rural dates can’t go ahead, but you can still have a special date together. As well as ideas for some really fun virtual dates to do from afar (just check out our blog here), we have some exciting 360 virtual dates to experience together, as well as a brand new partnership with Saxby’s Cider so that you can indulge in a little cider tasting together, but apart. Grab 10% OFF a case of 12 mixed craft ciders + free delivery when ordering here: with promo code: MUDDYMIXED20.

4. Normal = reassuring

So we know we all want a little bit of excitement and frisson in our relationships, lockdown life means that things have turned on their heads. Amidst all of the uncertainty and worry, having something steady, normal and comforting can be incredibly reassuring. Don’t be afraid to open up to your muddy match and say how you really feel, as well as embrace the ordinary. You don’t have to have an exciting date night to bond and get to know each other better. A simple chat, even whilst you carry out chores at home at the same time, is a great way to make you both feel closer, more connected and safe. If you fancy having even more normality, show them you care with one of our ways to be remotely romantic.

5. Plan for the future

Although excitement might not be what you need right now, there’s no reason why you can’t start looking forward to a spot of rural rhapsody.Yes, we don’t know when and how lockdown will end and we can start getting back to a more ‘normal’ life, but planning all of those countryside dates you’re going to do together when you can will help you both realise that your rural relationship is going somewhere, and will provide some level of reassurance to you when the rest of life is a little bit weird.