Eight Ways To Be Remotely Romantic

Monday, April 27th, 2020

Eights Ways To Be Remotely Romantic

We’re into week six of lockdown, and is it just us or are the days merging into one? Here at Muddy Matches we’re fully embracing working from home, and making the most of the beautiful weather with walks, gardening, reading in the sunshine and caring for our animals and plants. We admit it, staying in touch with people can sometimes be tricky but we’ve been trying to make it as easy as possible for you to commence, and commit, to making countryside connections on our countryside dating site, Muddy Matches. From tips for video dating to ideas for remote dates, keeping you motivated with some wonderful Muddy Ever After success stories to our brand new 360 Virtual Dates, there is a plethora of online dating resources to keep you going.

Today we’re shining the sunlight on to how to add some romance in to your rural relationship when you’re socially distancing miles apart. So, commit some time to preparation, think about what makes them special, and have fun!

1. Send a handwritten note

When is the last time that you put pen to paper? Writing a letter, pouring out your feelings and sharing your news, is a surprisingly romantic way to show your countryside match that you care and that you’re thinking about them. Sending a Whatsapp message is easy and quick and instant, sure, but sitting down to write a letter requires thought, planning and consideration. Give it a go, and see how your country connection reacts.

2. Record a song or poem

Inspired by the recent trend of singers and bands hosting live sets on their social media channels, why not record your own video for your rural love? You don’t need to be the best singer or musician; it’s the thought (and the song choice!) that counts. So, get your camera out, then send it to them digitally.

3. Plan for the future

Real life dates aren’t on the cards right now, but chatting with your country love about what dates you’d love to take together in the future adds an element of excitement, romance and a lovely sense that things will get back to a more normal state of being.

4. Create a play list

Mix tapes may be sooo 1990s, but curating a play list of songs for your rural match to enjoy is super-thoughtful and easy to share with today’s digital tech. It’s a great way for you to pass an afternoon in lockdown too.

5. Surprise them with a gift

Who doesn’t love receiving an unexpected gift. If you have access to their Amazon wishlist then even better as you can surprise them by getting something that they really do need delivered to them.

6. Plan a ‘real’ date apart

You can still date whilst you’re apart, and we have some wonderful ideas here to create memories and pass an evening together without having to leave home. Our favourites? An online dinner date or a virtual cinema club.

7. Research something that matters to them

It’s very normal for modern couples to have jobs in completely different fields, and to have very diverse hobbies and interests too. Although you’ll always have something – a love for the countryside – in common, taking time to really find out more about their interests and job is a great way to connect. Surprise them by doing your research independently then slotting some of your new-found knowledge in to your next conversation. They’ll be touched that you’ve taken the time and made the effort to find out more about what matters to them.

8. Send a good morning message

If you’re working from home and socially distancing by yourself, missing interaction with other people can be really, really hard. Make a mental note to send your countryside love a ‘good morning’ message to give them a boost, let them know that they matter, and bring a smile to their morning. Easy? Yes. Quick? Yes. Will make a massive difference to their day? Most definitely.