Eight Ways To Inject Rural Relaxation Into Lockdown Life

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Eight Ways To Inject Rural Relaxation Into Lockdown Life

Keeping safe and well is vital in these times of Coronavirus and although you may be on top of your physical fitness, how do you feel when it comes to mental health? With news bulletins 24/7, constant fear-mongering in the press and Whatsapp groups often turning into pits of negativity, we think that everyone could do with a dose of rural relaxation, especially if you’re countryside-lover, 100% muddy through and through. To help you find an essential moment of peace and calm, we find that turning to nature and everything rural is a balm to the soul. So, in today’s blog post from our countryside dating site, we’re investigating how you countryside singles can inject some rural relaxation into your lockdown life.

1. Open your eyes to what’s around you

For those lucky enough to live in a completely rural spot, nature and wildlife are all around, but even if you only have a back-yard for fresh air, lockdown and social distancing means that nature really can come to you. It’s important to slow down and open your eyes to what’s around you. You may notice the new, young green leaves on the trees around you every year but when have you ever slowed down to notice the beauty of each fresh leaf? Take time to stop and really look at the beauty of spring around you. Why not help yourself to notice more by trying to sketch, draw or paint what you see? Recreating something yourself is a superb way of focussing your mind and giving it a moment of calm.

2. Think about your daily soundtrack

When you’re working from home, why not witch off the radio for a couple of hours? With such sublime weather, throw open your windows and let the sounds of spring drift in; birdsong, the bleats of new-born lambs and cows grazing are quintessential sounds of nature. If you’re faraway from the countryside, then we’ve got a solution for you. Click here for a wonderful soundtrack of spring in the woodland which will help you to breathe more slowly, soothe your mind and help you concentrate.

3. Switch up your daily walk

Has your daily exercise got you like ‘meh’? Use the fantastic Ordnance Survey Green Spaces Map to help you locate an unknown slice of nature near home. Pull on your walking shoes and head out to relax and explore what’s right on your doorstep.

4. Tune in to the songbird

Has anyone else noticed that there are fewer cars, trains and planes around? With less noise pollution, there’s more space and time for you to tune in to birdsong and even, drum roll please, start to identify which bird you can hear. Now that’s a seriously impressive skill to showoff to your countryside match when lockdown has been lifted. We love the National Trust’s simple guide to birdsong to start you on your way.

5. Get even closer to nature

Holidays and weekend breaks are off limits, but setting up camp in your garden isn’t. Sleeping outside is a wonderful way to get away from the news and technology and get closer to nature. And the fantastic news is, that you can help an incredible cause whilst you do so! Sign up to Great British Campout for NHS Staff and raise money whilst you camp.

6. Go on a nature date

Virtual dating is THE way to date this spring, and we’ve got plenty of ideas on how to have a fabulous date with your countryside connection here. Even better, we’ve launched a collection of 360° dates in nature so you can really ride that adrenaline rush together, without leaving home. Take a look here.

7. Have an adventure, at home

We know that many of our rural singles were planning some big challenges this year; from the London Marathon to The Three Peaks. So why let lockdown limit your adventure. We know that you can still bag those peaks and catch that medal from home so we’ve engineered some inventive ways to surmount those countryside challenge whilst still staying safe at home. Get our guide to conquering five famous challenges here.

8. Check in to spring online

When all else fails, escapism is a sure way to catapult you out of your daily life and anxieties and take you to a far more calm, relaxed place, where the pace of life is slower and the wonder of nature will captivate you. Check in to your favourite outdoor space’s Facebook page where they may be sharing daily updates and walk-arounds. We adore to check in with Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire on Instagram, who are sharing daily walk-arounds of their estate and gardens as spring blooms.