Countryside Quarantine – Time To Spring Clean Your Online Dating Profile

Monday, April 20th, 2020

Countryside Quarantine - Time To Spring Clean Your Online Dating Profile

With us all foreseeing more time at home in the near future, we think that this provides a wonderful opportunity for you to get your countryside dating profile, just like your home, spick and span. Real life dates may be off limits, but you can still use this time wisely to make connections with other rural singles and really get to know them, ready for when we can all connect again!

To get your countryside dating profile spruced up this spring, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow, five-step guide to follow.

1. Review your photos and add some new ones

Are your profile photos out of date and a bit lack-lustre? Make the most of extra time on your hands to sort through some up to date, super shots of you out and about, doing what you love. We recommend you follow these tips for what makes a great profile picture but as a rule of thumb remember to show those in which you; relax, smile and are shown yourself in your natural habitat.

2. Expand your dating profile information

The part of your dating profile in which you write about yourself, your dating personal statement if you will, is often the part which most of our Muddy members find more difficult to complete, and often skip over it with just one of two sentences about themselves. Did you know that the ideal dating profile is around 300 words long? Time for someone to get a flavour of you, but not so long that they switch off half-way through. More time at home by yourself will (hopefully) mean that you know yourself a lot better, so can really write down something that really reflects who you are. So, flex your writing muscles and get typing!

3. Write your own personal headline

Enlightened? Yes! Cringe-worthy? No! 3. Writing your own personal statement, or headline, will allow potential dates to get the essence of you in just once glance. If it’s hard work, why not recruit some friends? Ask them to sum you up in a sentence; their words will really highlight your virtues and lets you showcase your best bits.

4. Consider what you’d like to do once your #MuddyIsolation is over, and tell the world!

This is a super-fun element to add to your profile which really will make you stand out from the rest. Why not dream up your bucket list of what you want to do once social distancing rules have been lifted, and write them down? Some lucky country lover might find that their dreams perfectly align with yours…. is that a muddy date written in the stars?

5. Give prospective rural daters a hook to get in touch

It’s normal for online dating profiles to be very self-oriented, but we love it when muddy daters look outwards and openly invite other rural singles to get in touch. Not only could this be via stating what kind of country love you’re looking for, but by asking questions too. For example, what’s on your post-quarantine bucket list, what place in the countryside is your favourite and why, what three items would you take to a desert island. Having a ready-made opener like this makes it a lot easier for someone wanting to get in touch to spark a conversation.