How To Keep Motivated For Rural Online Dating During Lockdown

Monday, April 13th, 2020

How To Keep Motivated For Rural Online Dating During Lockdown

Dating at the moment is different. Sure, real life dates might not be on the cards but we love that this time at home may give you more time to make new countryside connections and really get to know someone via online dating. We know, though, that just like finding motivation to work or exercise can be tricky, keeping your enthusiasm for online dating up when you can’t take your conversation off line to meet someone in person is also hard. Today, our Muddy Matches countryside dating blog looks at all the positive aspects of dating from a distance, and gives all of you rural singles some top tips.

1. Take the pressure off

Overthinking everything? Getting anxious? Putting pressure on yourself to meet someone online and keep the dating conversation going is only going to make things worse. Try to view online dating as a bit of fun. Lockdown won’t last forever and in the meantime you can take your time browsing through profiles, chatting to various people and keeping it as an enjoyable aspect of life to lighten your day. All of this extra time, too, means you can really get to know someone before you meet. We’ve got some fun dating questions to ask here to keep your countryside dating online light-hearted and fun.

2. Widen your search

You’ve got all the time in the world to browse through the 1000s of countryside dating profiles on and really identify people who attract you for more than just a roll in the hay. Open your mind to meeting different people, in different locations.

3. Update your own profile

Spending time clearing out drawers and getting on top of projects you’ve been meaning to tackle for a while? Add your Muddy Matches rural dating profile to the list and get it ship shape, spick and span and as fresh as a newly-cleaned farmyard. Review your ‘personal dating statement’, check that your interests and values are still reflected well on your profile, and replace your photos with fresh, recent pictures.

4. Set up some new searches

We know that trawling through online dating profiles can, sadly, become tedious so why not take time to set up a Muddy Matches quick search? You can set your criteria – location, age, interests, status – and we do the rest, showing you all the countryside connections out there who meet your specifications. It’s a great way to see some profiles you may have missed, and it’s super fun to hop on each day and see who’s new.

5. Take time to enjoy being single

We’re all together in a strange and unique situation, but it’s a perfect time to just be you. Review, reflect and get to know who you really are. We guarantee that this self-knowledge will stand you in good stead once you can meet your rural matches in person. And if you’re missing your normal countryside pursuits, we’ve put together our favourite activities that you can do at home to get a full dose of springtime rural living.

6. Have fun on virtual dates

We all know that meeting in person isn’t going to happen, but you can still have a great first date using technology. Read our tips for a fabulous video date and, for dates after that, get creative and share a real experience with your country love with a virtual date.