How To Have A Great Video Date

Thursday, April 02nd, 2020

How To Have A Great Video Date

With life in lockdown, meeting up for a first date in real life is not going to happen. It’s time for all of you countryside lovers to embrace the video date. So today on our countryside dating advice blog we’ve got all the tips you need to have a successful video date.

1. Ask someone to meet you for a virtual video date

If you’ve unearthed some rural romance on our online dating messaging platform, and want to get to know you muddy match better, then it’s time to ask to ‘meet’ them, albeit virtually. Just as you would for a real-life date, ask them if they’d like to video date, and suggest a time and date. What’s the worst that can happen?

2. Choose your platform

When you’re online dating, it’s really important to keep your personal details safe until you know your rural love a little bit more. There are lots of apps out there which you can use to connect like Facebook Video Chat, Facetime and Whatsapp Video Call, but these all mean you have to share your phone number or Facebook profile. We suggest using a platform such as Skype or Houseparty, which let you connect with people via a username rather than having to share your phone number or email address.

3. Think about your location

Before you make that call, take a quick look at your background. If you’ve got piles of paperwork everywhere, dirty washing up, laundry, consider whether this is really the impression you want to give. Spend a few minutes tidying up and choose somewhere with a plain or attractive backdrop, with good lighting and private too – away from anybody you’re self-isolating with. In this gorgeous sunny weather we love having a video chat in the garden, too.

.4. Consider it to be a ‘proper’ date

Knowing our country daters, you’d probably spend a little extra time getting ready for a real-life date so why should a virtual date be any different? Wash and style your hair, change out of those PJs you’ve been working from home in (come on, we’ve all done it) and, if you want, swipe on a bit of make up (guys, a touch of Vaseline can go a long way…). Finally, pour yourself a drink (tea, alcoholic, fizzy pop… not only will it make your call feel a bit more like an occasion, it’s occupy your hands if you’re feeling a bit nervous.

5. Prep some conversation starters

Coming face to face with your country match might be feel daunting and could lead to you drying up, so we’ve put together some fantastic Muddy Matches dating blogs full of first date conversation starters and fun questions to ask to make your date flow. Take some time to read through them and note down your favourites to turn to if your mind goes blank.

6. Keep it short and sweet

A virtual date doesn’t need to be a two-hour video fest. To start with, why not try to chat with your rural date for half an hour? It’ll give you enough time to relax in to your date and get to know each other a bit more without having that stomach-sinking  ‘what on earth are we going to talk about’ feeling.

7. Consider your body language

The great thing about video calling is that you can read the other person’s face, emotions and body language a lot easier than over a phone call. Just as you’ll be picking up on signals from them during your rural date, have a think about how your own body language is coming across. Are you hunched over and ‘closed’ or are you ‘open’ and confident. Remember to smile, keep looking at the camera and making eye contact with your date.

    8. Ask them out again

    If, after your first virtual date, you felt a real connection, then bite the bullet and ask them out again face to face. You’ll both hang up with a happy glow and the potential to be real rural partners.

    9. Consider a different virtual date for next time

    The time might soon come when you fancy actually ‘doing’ something on your next date – an even better way to make connections and memories. You might find this Muddy Matches blog super useful to give you ideas about fun, countrysidey dates to do at a distance.