Muddy Matches Profile Photos – How To Show Who You Really Are

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Muddy Matches Profile Photos - How To Show Who You Really Are

At Muddy Matches we have taken the bold step to make a clear, full face, colour photo a required element for all new folk who join us on our online dating site.

A bright and engaging photo adds extra personality, creates stronger connection and brings even the most basic of bios to life. And in the case of Muddy Matches, it can also help show off the all important countryside credentials too to potential suitors – something our members are, as you’d expect, particularly keen on seeing more of in their hunt to unearth that needle in a haystack who shares their love of rural life.

So, today it’s time to take a good look at your online dating profile pictures and get them up to speed. We know that choosing photos for your countryside dating profile is no easy task, so we’ve put together nine pointers to help you choose ones which show you and your countryside-loving personality off to perfection.

1. Make sure your face is clear to see

No hiding behind hats and sunglasses, now. This is an online dating site profile photo must-do. Your headshot should be exactly that; a photography shot which shows your face clearly and fully. For some people, eyes are what they are immediately drawn to, so make sure that your own eyes are open and not hidden behind sunglasses, and you’re smiling away.

2. Three, two, one, smile!

A genuine, natural smile can speak volumes, so try to pick a photograph which shows off your wonderful smile. If you need to take a photo especially for your online dating profile, try to get a friend around to take it. You’ll have a laugh, meaning that your smile won’t be forced at all.

3. Make the most of natural light

Natural, outdoor lights is the most flattering of all and, let’s face it, being outside will really show that you love the countryside. Try to angle yourself so that the sunlight falls on your face to highlight your features, rather than the light being behind you and your face being in shadow.

4. Do what you love

Muddy Matches is an online dating site dedicated to bringing lovers of the countryside together, so your profile picture is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your love of outdoors life to other country people. Whether you love hiking, drive a tractor, or shear sheep, try to get an action shot to upload to your profile – it’ll be a fantastic conversation starter, especially if you’re looking to date a farmer.

5. Use full-length photos as well as head-shots

Head shots are a great way to show off your face and personality but including a couple of full-length shots is a good way to give potential country matches more of an idea of what you are like. How you dress, the photo’s location and what you are doing speak volumes, so choose the photos you upload to our dating website with care.

6. Use fresh and new photos

Although you may have many, beautiful photos of you five years ago, you and your lifestyle may have changed since then, so uploading those isn’t going to give your muddy match a true idea of who you are. Make sure your photos are up to date and really show you as you are now, muddy boots and everything.

7. Avoid selfies

We all know those filters; the ones with bunny ears, magical halos of stars and soft-focus perfection. IF you need to upload a selfie to please try to upload a natural, un-filtered one.

8. Try to avoid group shots

You may have some fantastic photos of you hanging out with friends or family, but how is a potential countryside date meant to know which one they’ll actually be dating? Avoid group photos and use those of just you to get you started on your quest for love in the countryside.

9. Don’t be pressured to be something you’re not

Even if you want to come over as super-attractive or sexy, posing or doing something that just isn’t you, isn’t going to work. Just like when you write your dating profile, be you. The right person for you will be attracted to you for that, so there is no point in pretending to be something that you’re not.