Eight Tips To Help You Find Love In The Countryside

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Eight Tips To Help You Find Love In The Countryside

Finding it hard to find love on Muddy Matches, our niche online dating site for lovers of the countryside? Whether you’ve been online dating with us for a while or are brand new to searching for rural partners, it’s worth having a think about your behaviour and how you approach countryside dating. We’ve made it easy with our eight point guide to looking for love in the countryside.

1. Forget the past

If you’ve been a perennial single, had a bad divorce, come out of an unhappy relationship, or wonder if you’ll ever find love, it’s time to move on and forget the past. Especially if you’ve come from a hurtful relationship, there is no reason to think that similar things will happen again AND, more importantly, your past experiences have shaped and made you what you are today. It’s time to apply an open, positive outlook to your online dating experience.

2. Let go of unrealistic expectations

As much as we may wish that dating is like in the movies, very often it’s not. We, as much as you, want you to ride off in to the sunset on horse back (or on a tractor, whatever you’re into), but be prepared that it might not happen with the first rural romantic you connect with. Things can go wrong, dates don’t go to plan but, once you’ve accepted this, you can go into rural dating with an open mind and heart ready for love.

3. Don’t be too picky

Going on to any online dating site with a definite idea of who you want to meet is never a good idea. The right person, complete with muddy boots, farm to share and tractor to ride on, might be there for you but might not be in your pre-existing criteria. Widen your online dating search, be open to meeting different people and see where love takes you.

4. Be yourself

Ask yourself honestly if you’re truly being yourself on your online dating profile. Does what you’ve written really reflect who you are with all of your countryside interests? When you’re sending dating messages, does what you say tally with how you feel? Honesty is always the best policy so by being truly you when you write your online dating profile (and we have some tips here) means that when you do meet your rural match in person, the conversation will really flow and sparks will fly!

5. Try not to play games…

In our view, what’s the point? When there’s a rural dater out there that you really like, then why play hard to get? If you like them. let them know.

6. … and don’t be clingy

If you’ve finally met your muddy match and things are going well, just be aware about how you act. Sending text after text after text, spending time obsessing over what they are doing and where they are, calling them non-stop is a sure-fire way to come across as a little bit, err, crazy. Make sure you still spend time pursuing your own life and interests and let dating be just one, very lovely, part of your life.

7. Don’t compare your relationship with others you see online

In our world of social media, it’s easy to compare what you have with other people’s relationships online. Social media only tells half the story and what you see may be very different from reality. Remember this when your relationship isn’t quite so ‘perfect’ as those you see.

8. Take your time

If you’ve been on our online dating site for a while but still not found the country loving you’re after, remember it takes time. Persevere and see what happens.