Four Tips For Finding The Countryside Relationship That You Want

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Four Tips For Finding The Countryside Relationship That You Want

Are you new to countryside online dating with Muddy Matches? If so, welcome – we’re thrilled to have you join us. As you’ve already signed up, you’ll probably know that you’re now one of a community of thousands of rural singles all searching for love in the countryside. To get you started, we’ve put together some easy tips to help you leave the past behind you and start meeting countryside singles who get the sap rising in you.

You’re ready for a new relationship, your online dating profile is set up and ready to go, but you’re not attracting the people you want to meet. What’s going wrong? Well, we’ve identified some common issues that might be putting up an invisible barrier between you and pursuing the adventurous relationship of your adrenaline-fuelled dreams.

1. Know what you want in life and your relationship

Like anything, going in to online dating with no idea of what you really want isn’t a great way to be successful. The happiest online daters are those who have an idea of what they are looking for and what they’d like from a relationship. Think about it like food shopping. Imagine going to a supermarket with no list and no idea about what you want; you’ll be overwhelmed by choice and options. When you have a clear idea in your mind of what you’re looking for, it’s much easier to complete your shopping. Same goes for muddy matches online dating. When you know what kind of relationship you’re looking for, it will be easier to refine your search, narrow doesn’t all of the rural singles out there and focus your energy on messaging country singles who share your vision of a relationship. A word of advice though – be sure to stay open-minded!

2. Believe that you deserve the best

Everyone has some kind of emotional baggage and preconceptions about what they deserve. No matter what previous life experience has shown, believe that you deserve the absolute best there is. Don’t ‘settle’ because you don’t think you merit anything better or that this is the best that is on offer. Trust us; it’s better to be single, having fun and meeting people, then eventually meeting the muddy match of your life than it is to settle with someone who isn’t right for you. There’s a common theory that what you think, you attract. So, think ‘I deserve to be happy and meet someone who values me’, and it will happen! Apply this attitude to your online dating tactics and you’ll be blown away!

3. Live what you say

Your online dating profile should be a true reflection of what your life is like and what interests you pursue. We know that life and work are busy but, if you say you love to travel, love to go on active weekends away, but also love to chill out at home and go for walks, make sure that you’re actively pursuing these interests. As well as enriching your life and giving you a healthy work/life balance, it means that when you do go on dates, you’ll have so much to talk about. And, if someone shares similar countryside interests, it’ll be easy for your rural lives to blend together.

4. The past is the past

If you’ve had bad relationship experiences in the past and been treated badly, then you need to know that this doesn’t mean it will happen again. The past is not a pattern that will inevitably be repeated. Learn from what happened, forgive yourself (if you need to), and move on. Try to maintain a positive, open-minded, enthusiastic attitude and give new rural daters a chance. You’ll be happier, attract positive people and have fun, all at the same time.