Valentine’s Day – Your Countryside Dating Guide

Monday, February 03rd, 2020

Valentine's Day - Your Countryside Dating Guide

February is here and, in the world of love, that can only mean one thing… Valentine’s Day. Love it or loath it, it’s impossible to avoid; shops full of cards and chocolates, ads for flower delivery companies and restaurants and supermarkets pushing their Valentine’s Day menus. When you need a sane voice to guide you through the chaos you can always turn to Muddy Matches. Whatever your countryside relationship status, we’ve got your Valentine’s Day 101 to ensure you’re following the correct etiquette on the big day.

1. When you’re just messaging

You’ve met a rural match on our dating website and the two of you have been sending online messages back and forth, but you’ve not actually met in person. There’s definitely a spark there, but is it necessary to mark Valentine’s Day? For a cute, no pressure way to send a cheeky Valentine’s Day wish we love a flirty e-card, or a simple ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ message.

2. Your relationship is in its early days

You’ve been a a couple of countryside dates with your online match but you think it’s too soon for the full card and roses shebang. We suggest a laid-back approach; you don’t want to overdo it but you don’t want to disappoint either. How about a relaxed dinner at home away from the Valentine’s Day crowds? You’ll get to show your domesticated side and it will be a whole lot more intimate than dining with the masses.

3. Love is in the air

You can’t deny it; there’s a definite spark with your date and love is blossoming. You may even be thinking about making things exclusive and de-activating your country dating profile so you truly are a happy country couple. If love is in the air it definitely calls for a meaningful card and a personal present. After all, it would be nice to make your first Valentine’s Day together one to remember if they really are ‘the one’.

4. I hate Valentine’s Day (but have the perfect countryside dating match)

You’ve found the perfect partner who shares your love of country life but you really cannot stand the whole Valentine’s Day frenzy. Honesty is always the best policy. Explain to your date that you’re really not in to the whole commercial parade and make it clear that it is nothing to do with them. To avoid disappointment, you could plan a non-Valentine’s date instead. Take your rural love out to see a film, plan a date in the countryside (wintry walks ahoy!) or wait until the weekend and plan a romantic date together with not a mention of the V word in sight.

5. Single, and alone

You’ve been looking for love but it’s still out of your grasp and you’re on the look out for a countryside match. Well then, head online! Valentine’s Day, and the reinforcement that you are single, means that a lot of people decide to seize the day and sign up to our niche countryside dating site. When you sign up and start to search for rural matches you’ll find that there are plenty of other rural singles out there who want to meet a like-minded partner life you. And, if Valentine’s Day really brings dread to your heart, get together with some friends and have an anti-Valentine’s Day ‘Palentine’s Day’ instead. Or, even better, treat yourself to your favourite meal/perfume/aftershave/walking boots/whatever you want… you are, after all, worth it and you don’t need anyone else to tell you so.