Online Dating With Muddy Matches – Protecting Your Data

Monday, January 27th, 2020

Online Dating With Muddy Matches – Protecting Your Data

At Muddy Matches we pride ourselves on being the ultimate online dating site to help rural singles and countryside people meet. With over 12 years in website dating, and as a member of the Online Dating Association, you can be sure that we take your safety and security extremely seriously and are passionate about keeping your personal data private. There are, though, some steps that you can take, to make sure that your online dating experience is as safe and secure as it can be, so you can relax and chat online to your heart’s content.

1. Check your online dating website’s credentials

At Muddy Matches we’ve been helping rural singles to meet and find love for 12 years so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in keeping you, our countryside members, safe and protected. In addition, we’re members of the Online Dating Association and subscribe to the standards set out in its Code of Practice. On our countryside dating site, too, we have a strict ‘unacceptable behaviour’ policy. This guards against aggressive or threatening language and behaviour, offensive language or comments (racist, sexist or defamatory language), uploading of indecent photographs or other information and the revealing of any information that may compromise the anonymity of any Muddy Matches members. You can find out more about our Acceptable Behaviour Policy here. If you consider online dating on another dating site, be sure to check that they have similarly high standards.

2. Keep your online dating profile anonymous

When you sign up to online dating with Muddy Matches we’ll ask for your first and last names, but only display your first. This is to protect your privacy and to make is harder for other singles to contact you in other ways, without your permission. The control is in your hands – so other countryside daters only know more personal details about you when you choose to share them. We ask for your email address so that we can contact you about your account and subscription, but take care when you write your online dating profile and leave your email address, telephone number, and website URL out.

3. Protect your own details

With a Muddy Matches subscription you can send and receive messages from other countryside daters. hen you’re first getting to know someone, we strongly recommend that you keep your personal details private. If someone does ask you for personal information (email address, number, home address, bank account details) straight away, be on alert and let us know. This a method that scammers use to lure people away from the safety of the dating website. We only recommend exchanging basic contact details, such as a mobile phone number, when you plan to meet in person for a real life date. Even then, please do follow our guide to first date safety.

4. Use the Muddy Matches Help Centre

We have a dedicated customer care team who carefully review all applications for new online dating profiles to make sure that they come from genuine single people. However, there may sometimes be instances where our approach doesn’t work so if, when you’re online dating, you come across any profiles that you don’t think are genuine, flag them up with us immediately.