First Date Safety For Rural Singles

Monday, January 20th, 2020

First Date Safety For Rural Singles

So, you’ve met a countryside single on Muddy Matches’ online dating site and messages have been pinging back and forth for weeks (or maybe even months). It’s time to take the next, natural step on your quest for love in the country and meet in person. On paper (ok, on screen) your date sounds perfect; a passion for the country AND a preference for muddy wellies. Even if you’re fully confident meeting your countryside match, though, it’s important to stay safe on your first date. Here’s how.

1. Choose your location with care

For your first dates with someone you’ve met via online dating, we always recommend that you meet in a public place, with plenty of people around. Even if a rural walk seems more relaxed and appealing, make sure that you choose somewhere safe and with your transport home in easy reach.

2. Make sure someone you trust knows where you are and who you are with

For your own safety, always let someone know where you are going, who you are meeting and how long you expect to be. When sparks are flying with your rural date, time can fly by but remember to keep your phone with you and check in with your friend/family member to let them know you are ok.

3. Take your phone

It may seem obvious, but a functional and fully-charged phone is essential for your safety.

4. Make your own transport arrangements

First dates are fun, but how are you going to get home? Plan your journey using public transport, or make sure your car is parked nearby. If you’re planning on having a drink or two, arrange a taxi, know your bus numbers or call a friend to get a lift. Remember, too, that until you know your date super-well, don’t ask them to give you a lift and don’t reveal your home address until you really know and trust them.

5. Put your safety first and trust your instincts

We really want your online dating site date to go well, and have guidelines in place to make sure that our members are all genuine singles, but it’s important to trust your instincts. If at any point you feel unsafe or uncomfortable during your first date, excuse yourself and leave. And know that there is no pressure on you to continue seeing this person. If you have concerns about a member you’ve met via our countryside dating service, follow up with the Muddy Matches customer care team.

6. Only share personal information when you feel ready

When you send online dating messages with Muddy Messages, your email address is kept private and hidden. We also vet our members’ profiles to check that you haven’t accidentally shared personal details. When you meet in real life, however, maintaining your privacy is up to you. Make sure you keep your home address, work address and email address private until you really know someone. And, if you are feeling pressured into sharing this information or your bank details, leave the date and let us know.

7. Use a trusted dating site

At Muddy Matches, we take our rural singles’ safety and security extremely seriously. That’s why we’re a member of the Online Dating Association which ensures high standards of behaviour by UK dating service providers.
For more information, please read our Safety Advice here.

When you’ve digested all of the tips above, you can relax, be yourself and enjoy your first date! And, if things don’t work out with this particular countryside date, we have over 290,000 singles on our countryside dating books, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for you to find some country loving.