Online Dating Etiquette: Sending An Online Message

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Online Dating Etiquette: Sending An Online Message

Are you new to the world of countryside online dating? Knowing the ‘dos and don’ts’ of website dating can be tricky so today we present the Muddy Matches guide to online dating etiquette. If you want to make a great first impression and find love in the countryside, then read on!

Make the first move

If someone has caught your eye, then let them know! Our countryside dating website is a wonderful place to meet rural singles who share your way of life, so when you spot someone you’re interested in, get in touch. Craft an online dating message and get the conversation started.

Don’t ignore messages

You know for yourself how hard it can be to make the effort to reach out and write a message to someone you like the look of so try not to ignore those who write to you. If the person messaging you could be a potentially great countryside date, make sure you reply as soon as you can. But what about if you know they’re not for you? Rather than ignoring their messages, let them down gently. How about something like, ‘Thank you for your message. I don’t think that we would be a good match, but I wish you all the best in your search’.

Think before you press send

Typos, grammatical errors, writing something that sounded great in your head but maybe not so great on the screen…. take a few moments to reread your message to your countryside match to make as good an impression as possible.

On the other hand, if someone sends you a message and they are really not the one for you, be polite and kind in your response. It could be tempting to send a quick-fire response, but this can be very hurtful.

Don’t cut off contact without letting them know

You wouldn’t walk away from a conversation in real life, and online is no different. If you’ve been sending messages back and forth to your country date but the spark just isn’t there for you, or if you’ve met someone else, just send a quick courtesy message. This way, they’re not wondering what they did wrong or whether to hang around for you or not.

Take your profile down when you start seeing someone seriously

In the excitement of dating another countryside single regularly, logging on to again might be at the back of your mind. However, make sure you to hide your profile. Your new partner might be upset if they find out you’re still online, and other singles may be messaging you to no avail. In other words, online dating is no different from seeing someone face to face. You wouldn’t cease contact in ‘real life’ without being polite, so apply the same principal to online dating and you won’t go far wrong. Happy dating!