Eight Easy Ways To Make 2020 The Year Of Country Love

Thursday, January 02nd, 2020

Eight Easy Ways To Make 2020 The Year Of Country Love

Is 2020 the year that you put your rural dating life first? Finding time to date in the countryside is hard but that’s where online dating with Muddy Matches come in! Via our countryside dating site, we’ve helped 100s of happy couples meet and find love, so we really are experts in our field (excuse the pun).

If your countryside dating life has taken a back seat recently then a New Year and a new decade is the perfect time to start your search for love in the countryside. We’ve gathered our favourite Muddy Matches dating tips to help you shine and succeed in your dating life. Farmer love, here we come!

1. Reflect on who and what you are looking for

Take time to think about the qualities that really matter to you in a countryside partner. Have they shifted in the last twelve months? If you’re already on our Muddy Matches countryside online dating site and you’ve ‘rejected’ profiles in the past then why not take a look back to see if any of them offer what you’re looking for now?

2. But stay open-minded

If you’ve got a checklist of what you’re looking for, just bear in mind that the ‘perfect’ rural person may not exist. Be open to meeting people from different backgrounds with different qualities. They may be less, or even more, muddy than you thought you were looking for! Head out on a few rural dates and even if you don’t end up with them, you might have a lot of fun along the way.

3. Take the pressure off

Whether it’s pressure from yourself (“I want to be married with kids by the time I’m 30” sound familiar?) or expectations from external sources, having a time frame only makes you feel bad if you’re still single. We’ve all been there, happily spending time at a family party when someone drops that clanger; ‘So when are you going to get a girlfriend/boyfriend’. Relax a little and tell yourself that you’ll meet the right one for you when the time is right. We promise that the wait will be worth it.

4. Say some positive affirmations

Bear with us. If you’re going on date after countryside date with no success, or not even going on dates at all, then you may find that your self-confidence is taking a hit and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever meet anyone. Break the ‘what’s wrong with me?’ cycle by taking time out to look at yourself objectively. What do your family and friends love about you? What qualities do they value? Send yourself some positive compliments and believe them.

5. Make time for dating

Life in the countryside is often busy with no time for a break. But remember, a date doesn’t always have to be an evening-long commitment. You could arrange a walk in the country, a drink after work, a lunch-time coffee break or even weekend brunch – all fun, quick, easy to arrange date ideas.

6. Put effort into online messaging on Muddy Matches

Think about all the online dating messages you’ve ever received and be honest now; do generic messages sent online capture your eye? Are you guilty of sending ‘copy and paste’ messages too? Take time to read through other countryside singles’ online dating profiles and be creative in your own. Rather than ‘Did you have a good Christmas?’ ask, ‘What was the best Christmas present you received?’.

7. Make sure you take time out for you

Between work, life admin and dating, rural life can get pretty busy….. To keep your sense of self 9and sanity) you need to find time for you to pursue your own rural interests. Doing so will make you seem super-interesting to a potential partner, and having a full and busy life adds to your own sense of self-confidence and overall happiness.

8. Take the chat offline

It’s easy to get stuck into sending online messages backwards and forwards and never actually meet in person. Make a resolution for 2020 that this will be the year you meet to see if sparks really do fly.