New Year Countryside Dating Tips

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

New Year Countryside Dating Tips

A new decade, 2020, is just around the corner. As we all know, the dawn of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to make yourself promises about taking a different approach to life. Could it be the year for you?

If you’re single and ready to find love in the countryside, we’ve created our top muddy tips to help you take the plunge and get the most out of online dating on our countryside dating site, Muddy Matches.

Focus on one online dating site (we’d love it for you to choose Muddy Matches)

We know that time is short, so even finding space in your busy lives to online dating is a win. So, it’s important to make it as time efficient as possible. Just like visiting multiple supermarkets to do your food shopping is time-consuming AND exhausting, signing up to all of the online dating sites you can is time-consuming and EVEN MORE exhausting. It’s important that you identify where you are most likely to find online daters who share a similar lifestyle, similar interests and passions as you, and focus your energies there. Hurrah if you’re a countryside-dweller with a passion for the outdoors life. Muddy Matches is THE place to be to find other countryside daters.

Be open-minded

Although we’re taught from a young age to dream about the man/woman of our dreams, remember that this ideal may not actually exist. And not forgetting that even though you may *think* that you know the type of person you’re looking for – looks, job, hobbies and so on – what if the person for you (your star-crossed lover, if you will) is out there and online dating just like you, but may not tick all your boxes? Go in to online dating open-minded, think outside the box and be willing to meet lots of different people – your countryside love may just be out there.

Make time..

Countryside life, especially if you’re in farming, is a non-stop job so finding time to date may be a struggle. Try to carve out five minutes a day (maybe sub your mindless Instagram scrolling or use that time when the kettle is boiling) to hop online and take a look. Once you start to send online messages too, you may find that you’re hooked and can’t wait to head online to see who’s messaged you back.

Be kind to yourself and take the pressure off

Seeing in a new year on your own might have made you a little more aware that time is ticking and you want to meet someone. But putting pressure on yourself, and your dates, to find ‘the one’ as soon as possible isn’t going to do you any favours. Oh no. Dating when you’re feeling pressured is not fun, and won’t really make you come across as your true, attractive and engaging self. Try to adopt a chilled, relaxed approach and spend time getting to know online daters who share your values and loves.

Combine your date with your love of the countryside

Dating doesn’t just mean drinks and dinner – great news if you’re someone who’s happiest being outdoors and active. If you fancy going for a pub lunch and a drink then fab, but if that doesn’t appeal to you in the slightest then be creative with date ideas and suggest dates which allow you to be in the fresh air. Creating memories like this together is a great way to get to know each other and really relax in each other’s company. We have some great countryside date ideas here for you to enjoy.

Don’t judge a book by its covers – looks aren’t everything

You may be a pro photographer and have the best suite of images on your online dating profile to show you at your best, but don’t let this colour your judgement about others. Take time to read countryside daters’ online profiles properly and get a feel for their personality and way of life. Even better, start messaging them and really get to know them, whether you find their photos attractive or not.

It’s all about the positivity

New year, new start! You may have had a couple of bad break-ups in your past, or you may be suffering from a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Acknowledge how you feel, take a deep breath and move on in to the New Year with fresh hope, fresh energy and a zest for life. You’ll feel great, and those lucky singles who you meet will find this a very attractive attitude to life.