How To Deal With Rejection

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

How To Deal With Rejection

At Muddy Matches we have a great track record of helping country loving singles meet and find love. If you ever need any proof that our countryside online dating website really works, just have a look at some of these fantastic #MuddyEverAfter success stories. However, not every date will end in success and you may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your happy ever after. You’re not going to click with everyone and sometimes, even though you might get on brilliantly when you’re exchanging online messages, the sparks may not fly in real life. Being dumped is hard, and it can be tricky to know how to deal with being rejected and move on in your quest for love in the countryside. To help, we’ve looked at some common dating scenarios for rural singles and suggest ways in which you can move on.

1. No reply to your messages

It takes a brave person to put yourself out there and make contact via direct messaging. If your potential rural dates never gets back to you, it’s normal to feel hurt, rejected and wondering what you said. Firstly, we advise to give the other person some time. They may not have seen your message or read it yet, or may not even have been online. Also, they may be thinking carefully about how to respond. If, after a few days, they still haven’t replied then try not to send an angry message asking why not. Accept that they’re not for you and focus on putting your effort in to contacting other country-loving singles who may be more responsive.

2. Not asking you on a second date

In our experience, first dates end with either a suggestion of a second date or a ‘nice to meet you’. If the first, then bravo! If the second, don’t beat yourself up. Put your date in perspective and consider it as a good way to learn more about yourself and other people, take confidence from the experience and look forward to meeting a new potential muddy single.

3. They’ve cut off contact

If you’ve been on a few dates and thought you were getting on really well but then hear nothing – no phone call, no messages, no reply to your online dating messages – then we know it’s going to be really tough. It’s normal to want to know ‘why’. So, send a quick message to find out where you stand. Have they simply been too busy with work or gone away, or have they decided not to pursue a relationship with you? Knowing that you can draw a line underneath that particular person will help you to move on.

4. You want to say no

Just as it’s hard to be on the receiving end of rejection, it’s also tricky to say no to someone. Our policy is, be honest. As soon as you realise that someone’s not right for you, then say so simply and gently. Remember to respect their time and effort, as much as your time and energy is precious to you.