Setting Up Your Muddy Matches Profile – The Foolproof Guide

Monday, September 16th, 2019

Setting Up Your Muddy Matches Profile - The Foolproof Guide

As the nights draw in, you may find that you have more time to think about love and dating. Meeting people who share your country lifestyle and love for the outdoors can be tricky, particularly if hitting bars and restaurants isn’t your thing. So you are in the right place, as Muddy Matches was designed just for you and other ‘muddy’ singles!

It doesn’t matter whether you like walking or shooting, whether you grew up in the countryside or are just hoping to move there, whether you actually live in the countryside or just like to spend time there; if you think you’re country-minded, the only thing you can’t have is an aversion to mud.

So, where do you start? Today we’re walking you through creating your online dating profile on our country dating website. So, let’s get started.

1. Join for free

Head to and look to the top right corner – there’s a box headed ‘Join for free’. Select your preference: man seeking a woman, woman seeking a man, man seeking a man, woman seeking a woman, man seeking either, woman seeking either then enter your birth date. We need to know your gender and the gender of the partner you’re seeking so that we can find you matches and make sure you get found in search results. We also ask your date of birth so that the age displayed on your profile page is always correct and so that you get found in searches where your age is selected. Don’t worry; only your age is ever displayed and your date of birth remains private.

2. Enter your details

Next we ask for your first name, surname, email address and for you to create a password. Your first name is used as the default display name on your profile but you can edit this later on your ‘My Profile’ page. Your surname is for our admin purposes so we can manage your account more effectively – just like your date of birth, this will remain private. We need your email address to contact you about activity on your account and keep you updated about our Muddy Matches service.

3. Basic profile

Next we’ll ask for details about your location – country, county, nearest town and postcode – all of which we need to help you meet other rural singles more easily. Knowing where you live means we can match you with local countryside people, but you can also carry out searches in areas other than your own.

4. How Muddy are you?

As we explained above, Muddy Matches is specially designed to help country lovers and muddy people meet each other via online dating. So, we need to know how Muddy you are! We’ll ask you for your Muddy:Townie ration – on a sliding scale from ‘Mostly Townie’ (You feel safest when there is a trendy bar within a 2 minute walk) to ‘Mostly Muddy’ (Not only immersed, but positively wallowing in muddiness.). It’ll give other country daters an idea about how into the country life you are! Next we ask for your Relationship Status – very important as this needs to be transparent to our other members – and there’s also the option of inputting your ethnicity and religion. We’ll also ask for a few details about your appearance, to help other rural singles build a better picture of you in their mind. If you need help working out ‘How Muddy Are You?’ take our fun quiz here.

5. What do you look like?

Did you know that online dating profiles with a profile picture get a lot more interest than those without? So, taking the time to select a great online dating profile picture is really worth it. We have lots of advice here on taking a fantastic photo, so three, two, one, cheese! Don’t worry if you haven’t got a picture handy – you can skip this stage and return later.

6. Your intro!

Now is your chance to let other users of our rural dating site get to know you even better. In your Introduction you can write up to 500 words about yourself. Think about writing down what makes you happy in life and the type of person you’d like to meet. If it helps, think about having a conversation with someone (to help the words flow), and it can be fun to get a friend to help you with this.

7. Filling in the gaps

Next in your journey to finding love in the country on our dating website is filling in a lot more about you. You’ll get the chance to select your interests, hobbies and lifestyle preferences – covering everything from whether you prefer meat or vegan food to if you fill your time with horsey pursuits or dog walking, hiking or skiing.

8. Get searching

Now your online dating profile is complete, you’ll show up in other country singles’ searches and can carry out your very own searches. You may have someone very specific in mind but we always recommend being open-minded  and seeing who’s out there. After all, rural dating and finding someone to get outdoors with should be fun!