Love in the Countryside returns to BBC

Monday, September 16th, 2019

BBC 2 reality rural dating series Love in the Countryside returns to our TV screens this week (Tuesday, 9pm) and yes, here at Muddy Matches HQ, we admit to being just a little too overexcited about the whole darn thing.

Now, the little box in the corner of the room doesn’t typically get a look in when the lure of our muddy boots and cravings for all things country living kick in of an evening but, as you know, we live, breathe, sleep, repeat helping country-side folk find love so, for the next 8 weeks, you will know where to find us at 9pm.

It is in our DNA and Love in the Countryside is everything we stand for – just ask the 240,000+ rural singletons active on our online dating website, with whom we enjoy a trusted, honest relationship in their own pursuit of happiness.

We also simply adore Sara Cox playing country life cupid too. She absolutely has the Muddy Matches spirit in her and her family farming background is one we can absolutely relate to, based on a working farm, as we are in, rural Northamptonshire.

(That’s also not forgetting that she’s somewhat of a style icon in the way she rocks a decent pair of wellies!)

100% genuine, 100% real – just like the values we work to here at Muddy Matches.

So Love in the Countryside gives us reason to get excited and we can’t wait to see how the eight countryside singles – from the equine vet, the sheepdog trainer to ‘Gorgeous George’ and the hot Welsh farmer – get on as they are introduced to city dwellers and urbanites looking to escape the rat race and make a new life in the country.

It’s speed dates galore before new couples return to the countryside to see if the rural idyll really does live up to expectations – or will it be case of ‘it is what it is’ (as coined by another reality dating programme recently ?)

Intrigued and excited as much as us? Remember to tune in to BBC2 on Tuesday 17 September at 9pm for the first in this charming series.

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