Why Muddy Matches Is A Great Place To Meet Country Singles – The Stats

Friday, September 13th, 2019

Why Muddy Matches Is A Great Place To Meet Country Singles - The Stats

Here at Muddy Matches we love the country life… plenty of time outside, weekends spent hiking through the open countryside, spending our free time visiting country fairs, looking after our gardens (and chickens) and so on. So, along with over ten years of experience in the online dating world, we really are the ideal people to help rural singles connect on our country dating site and indulge in some beautiful countryside dating.

Have you had chance to take our ‘How Muddy Are You?’ quiz? It’s our unique online quiz which helps country singles work out exactly how countrysidey or townie they are… a great starting point from which to find love in the countryside. And we’ve learnt a lot from what you said. It seems that country lovers really do come to Muddy Matches.

In fact, only 1.3% of people were 0% muddy and 100% townie. The majority are definitely more country-minded, with 6.8% being 90% muddy, 14.4% coming in at 80% muddy, 17.7% comprised of 70% muddy and 39.8% finding themselves with one muddy boot firmly in the countryside and the other on the slick streets of the town (50%/50%).

In other news, it seems our Muddy members live a definitely rural life, with countryside pursuits sitting high on their lists of interests and hobbies.

For example, 14% are interested in cycling, 20% loving to hike, a huge 31% indulging in dog walking and 25% selecting at least one of the 6 horsey activities we have listed on our hobbies and interests list.

When it comes to other interests and ways to pass any free time you busy rural singles have, you’ll be in good company. 10.9% of respondents express a preference for Conservation, 16.9% love to attend country shows and 16.4% love to garden. Good news if you love cosy, intimate dates too. 30.6% of respondents relax to music and 27.5% love to curl up in front of a real log fire.

It doesn’t stop there, though. In our section about food preferences, 23.8% chose ‘home cooking’ as their preferred means of fuelling themselves up – boding well for a dinner date at home as a miniscule 0.2% chose ‘mostly microwave’ and 0.4% opted for fast food.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an online dating site designed especially for country singles and rural dating, then sign up for Muddy Matches today.