How To Leave A Bad Date

Monday, August 12th, 2019

How To Leave A Bad Date

We’ve all had those dates where you wish you were anywhere but in that room, with that person. Yes, you are in a nightmare date situation. So what do you do? When walking in to the sunset hand in hand is definitely not on the cards, you need to know how to exit the date with dignity and ease. This is where we can help! Today on our Muddy Matches dating site blog we are guiding you through getting yourself out of the date, no offence caused.

1. Give them the benefit of the doubt

If sparks flew when you were dating online on our country dating site but meeting in person is more of a damp squib then take a breath and remember… nerves can affect people in different way. Perhaps your country match is suffering from an extreme case of first date nerves? Try to help your date feel at ease, let them relax, ask gentle questions and listen to their answers. We know that first impressions count but try to give them a chance before you decide to leave.

2. Choose your timing

If you’ve decided that this particular date isn’t for you, downing your drink and standing up to leave isn’t particularly tactful. To avoid being rude whilst making your excuses, wait until you both finish your drink, coffee or food. The natural break that comes up at this point is the perfect opportunity to decline another drink or pudding and politely say goodbye. This will also let your date know that you’re not interested in taking things any further, saving an awkward conversation down the line.

3. Pay your own way

Ha, dating dilemma alert! Would you want your date to stand up halfway through your date and exit, leaving you to foot the bill? No! So don’t do it yourself. Once you’ve said no to another drink or more food, insist on paying for your half of the bill sends a clear message.

4. Time to say goodbye

What’s appropriate? A handshake, a kiss on the cheek? A hug? Don’t even go there. Keep your distance, say ‘It was nice to meet you, thank you’ and leave. Those subliminal messages are pinging their way to your countryside date and they should get the message.

5. What if they’re rude?

If your date makes you feel uncomfortable, acts inappropriately or is rude then then remember that you owe this person nothing. You can leave right away. Simply stand up, say that something has come up and you need to leave, then walk out.

6. What if they call?

So, your date was keen on you but you weren’t that keen on them? If your date calls you or contacts you to ask you out for another date then we recommend that you say ‘Thank you but I don’t see this going anywhere’. Keep polite and pleasant, but make it clear that there will be no second date. There are plenty more rural singles out there for the both of you.