How To Navigate A Wedding When You’re Single

Sunday, May 19th, 2019

How To Navigate A Wedding When You're Single

The arrival of summer signifies the start of wedding season. As well as sharing in your friends’ and family’s joy and happiness for some, going to a wedding can be kind of lonely. Yes, single people, we’re looking at you. Well, today we’re here to help you realise why being single at a wedding can be the best thing ever. So, get out your best hat, or your best tails, smarten up and get ready to party.

1. Weddings are great places to meet new people

Seeing old friends, a reason to be happy and a lovely day out with every whim catered for… going to a wedding puts everyone in a relaxed state of mind. Think about all that time hanging around waiting for wedding photos to be taken, the bride and groom to arrive and the drinks reception, not to mention the obligatory dancing come night-fall. There are so many opportunities to meet new people and, who knows, one of them may be your perfect muddy match.

2. Your friends might play matchmaker

As well as ample opportunities to meet someone new in your own time (see the mingling opportunities above), hopefully the bride and groom will know you are single and think about your needs accordingly. They may have a hot single friend… hello thoughtful table plan! And, because you’ll definitely have something in common (i.e. the happy couple), striking up conversation won’t be hard. Flirting is definitely allowed.

3. It’s great reason to dress up and feel great about yourself

If your day to day life in the country doesn’t give you many chances to spruce up and dress up then hurray for weddings! There’s no reason why you should feel less than fabulous, even when you’re attending by yourself. Take time to get ready, and enjoy it too! You’ll turn up feeling comfortable and confident, and ready to be you.

4. The hen and stag do are key

If you’re close to the bride or groom you may well have been invited to the hen/stag or even the ‘sten’ do. Take the chance to go as it’s the perfect place to make new friends. On the wedding day itself, you’ll see some familiar faces and have some fun memories to share meaning that there’s no reason why you should feel left out.

5. You can please yourself

Whether you want to dance the night away or turn in early, being single at a wedding means that you don’t have to please anyone other than yourself. Take the day as it comes and enjoy!

6. Slow dance? Snow problem

Slow, romantic songs may not float your boat, especially if you’re single. You need a plan. You could choose that moment to take a drinks or toilet break or, even better, grab some other single people, and get them up to boogy.

7. Relax!

If you’re attending a wedding as a single person then you can bask in the knowledge that you have been invited because of you! The bride and groom want you to be there because they love and value you. What better reason to relax, enjoy the day, share in their happiness and feel confident in yourself.