How To Take A Great Online Dating Profile Picture

Tuesday, May 07th, 2019

How To Take A Great Online Dating Profile Picture

One of the best ways to attract views of your Muddy Matches online dating profile is to keep it up to date with some fantastic photos. Here are five tips for taking some great photographs that show you full of confidence and at your country-loving best.

1. Relax

Know anyone who loves their passport photo? All that sitting up straight and staring at the camera does not make for a good look. Try to relax and smile to get a photograph of you that you really like.

2. Dress up a little…

Your online dating profile photograph is often the first thing that people see, and what will grab their attention. So make sure you’re making a good impression by wearing fresh clothing, with tidy hair and face.

3. …but still be you

If you don’t regularly dress up to the nines, with your hair styled and a lot of make-up on, then why do that for your online dating profile? This is your chance to reveal something about your personality, so don’t try to be something you’re not.

4. Get snaps of you doing what you love

They say that the best accessory you can wear is your smile. And when you’re relaxed and having fun, it’s more likely that you’ll be grinning away. Ask a friend to take some photographs of you when you’re out and about having fun in in the countryside; you’re guaranteed to get some shots that you love.

5. Don’t start to compare yourself

It’s very easy to fall in to the trap of comparing yourself with photographs on social media. But remember, what makes you you is that you are unique! Try to look at photographs of yourself with a kind eye. So rather than focussing on perceived flaws and parts that you don’t like, try looking at your photographs and picking out all the great things you can see.