How To Write The Perfect Online Dating Message

Sunday, May 05th, 2019

How To Write The Perfect Online Dating Message

Your search has finally paid off and you’ve found a Muddy Match you want to contact. So, you click on ‘Message’ but then your mind goes blank. What on earth should you write to make an impression and get conversation started? This is the Muddy Matches guide to crafting a wonderful online dating message.

1. Get your online dating profile up to date

First things first. Before you even start to type make sure your online dating profile is complete, along with some fantastic photos. It’s more than likely that your recipient will immediately click on to your profile when they get your message to find out more about you before they reply. So, it’s very important that it’s up to date and will attract them in.

2. Think of a subject line

Getting a message entitled ‘Hey sexy’, ‘Hey babe’, or even just ‘Hi’. Creative, no? There’s a reason why big brands employ people specifically to craft subject lines; because having an eye-catching one that stands out makes it more likely that you’ll click on ‘Open’. Get your creative hat on and come up with an unusual subject line; one that grabs their attention without being plain weird.

3. Use their name

Have you ever noticed that you warm to people who use your name when they’re chatting to you? The same applies when you’re writing. Making sure that you use their name (or username) in your online dating message indicates that you’ve taken time to read through their profile and send a personal message that is specific to them. Now, who won’t like that?

4. Be curious

Think about your online dating message is being the start of a conversation. Asking questions shows that you really are interested in who they are as a person, their likes and dislikes, their values and story. A question also makes it easy for them to reply. Taking this approach should help you to start writing.

5. Go easy on the essay

We all know that being nervous can result in babbling. Guess what? Same for messaging! Try not to waffle on about yourself too much. Just give an overview – adding in a few more details than on your online dating profile – to give the reader a feel for who you are.

6. Thank you, next

Sadly, not everyone replies to online dating messages. Please try not to take it personally, and don’t get hung up on it. There will be plenty of other online daters out there who share your love for the countryside and who will reply to you, so try to move on.