Six Tips For Writing A Great Online Dating Profile

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Six Tips For Writing A Great Online Dating Profile

On Muddy Matches we’re so proud to list thousands of countryside singles, all looking for their own Muddy Match. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and grab someone’s attention? First things first; a fantastic profile picture is essential to make them click through to find out more but what will make them read on and, we hope, get in touch? The answer lies in what you write. Crafting a superb online dating profile on Muddy Matches is the key to getting them interested and wanting to find out more. Follow these simple tips to revamp your profile and get the dating messages pouring in!

1. Be chatty

Think about writing your online dating profile as if you were chatting to someone in real life. Start with a simple and friendly hi, then move on to introduce yourself. Just as you do for a CV, try to sum yourself up in one sentence and if you can, make it memorable. This headline will entice other rural singles to spend time reading on. What about; ‘Hi, I’m John. Dairy farmer by day, amateur wine tester by night, I’m energetic, positive and kind. I’m here to find someone who shares my passion for cheese, 70s thrillers and bad jokes’.

2. Write full sentences

Even if writing isn’t your strong point, putting together your online dating profile can be very daunting. If you get stuck and find yourself tempted to write a list of bullet points about yourself and your hobbies can be tempting, bear in mind our advice about treating it as a conversation. Write how you speak and get something down. You can go back and edit it later to make it flow.

3. Don’t give too much away

Your online dating profile is intended as a pre-cursor to a real life date. It allows other countryside singles to find out a bit more about you, and get a feel for your values, interests and goals, but try not to give away your entire life story. If you give too much away you won’t have anything left to talk about when you meet for your first date! Thinking about what you want to find out about other single people can help you find a balance – you need to entice someone in with an insight into your life without and bombarding them with information.

4. Avoid cliches

It’s very easy to fall back on well-worn phrases and lines. But do they truly represent and celebrate who you are? Try to be real and honest so that your Muddy Matches dating profile really shows off your personality. We think you’ll agree that this is a lot more attractive than a series of cliches.

5. Stay positive

Did you know that your choice of words and the way in which you write can say a lot about you? Think carefully about the words you use and the mood they convey. Using lots of negative words such as ‘don’t’, ‘don’t want’ and ‘don’t’ like’ send out a negative vibe. They may not attract the type of energetic, open-minded and vibrant person you want to meet. Why not write your profile, save it and then review it with fresh eyes a few hours later?

6. Ask your friends

If you’re still struggling to put pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard, then it’s time to get your friends on board. With their objective viewpoint, they’ll be able to see all of the positive points and special things that make you stand out, and can help you really nail down what makes you tick.