What To Do After The First Date

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

What To Do After The First Date

Do you ever feel like life, and the world of dating, is a minefield of dos, don’ts and etiquette? Today on Muddy Matches we’re looking at all things to do with post-date communication. If you’re gearing up for a first date with your rural match and want to know the right etiquette to follow after you’ve met up, then you’re in the right place. Whether sparks flew or it was more of a ‘flash in the pan’ type thing, we’ve got all the answers to how to go about texting or calling your date.

Hopefully, you’ll already have the phone number of your Muddy Match. Great start!

1. The date was a hit

During your first date, sparks flew, conversation was non-stop, and there was a feeling of mutual attraction. You left your countryside date with a smile on your face and you’d definitely like to meet them again. So, what do you do next? Here at Muddy Matches we’re not into playing games. Our dating advice is to let them know. You could send a short, direct text to say ‘thanks for a lovely time. I’d like to do it again soon’. Hopefully, they’ll respond with a big ‘yes’. If, sadly, they’re not as into you as you are them, they’ll let you know. Thank you, next.

2. The date was a miss

Even if the date was not good, we still recommend that you contact your date to let them know. This way, you can both draw a line under the experience and move on without any worrying and wondering. A short, simple message is all that it takes – something like, ‘Thanks for the date last night but it won’t work for me. All the best on your search for the right person’. Kind but clear.

3. One of you is more attracted than the other

Sometimes you’ll get into a tricky situation in which your date is keen on you but you don’t return their feelings. It’s important that you let them know. Tempting as it may be to ‘hide’ and ignore them, just be clear and send a text to say ‘Thanks but no thanks’.

4. You want to go exclusive

Modern dating rules mean it’s normal to go on dates with more than one person. However, if you start to see one person very often and want to make it exclusive, then it’s only right that you let your other countryside daters know. Leading them on isn’t nice and, unfortunately, ignoring the situation won’t make it go away. Craft a polite message to let them know that you’ve met someone who you’d like to date exclusively and wish them well with their search.