How To Make A Great First Date Impression

Wednesday, April 03rd, 2019

How To Make A Great First Date Impression

We all know that a great first impression is important in all areas of your life – from work to play, food to dating. So, how can you prepare well to make an impact when you arrive on a first date with your countryside date? Read on!

1. It’s all in the profile

It begins with your online dating profile. If you’ve painted a picture of who you are through your interests, values and personal stats, and have the profile pictures to show it, then that is the image that your date will have been attracted to. So just imagine what happens if you arrive on your date and you don’t embody those expectations… yep, a big surprise for your date. Make sure that your Muddy Matches online dating profile is a true representation of who you really are, so that your real-life first impression confirms what attracted your date in the first place.

2. Be on time

Being on time counts for a lot, especially when it comes to dating. No-one likes to to be sitting by themselves, wondering if and when their date will show. Do your best to be on time. If you need to, do a test run so you know how long it will take to get to your date destination. And, if you’re unavoidably delayed, do your best to let your date know so that they can relax and you won’t arrive full of apologies.

3. Personal grooming

It’s always nice to make an effort. We’re not saying you have to dress up to the nines, particularly if that’s something that you rarely do and are not comfortable with. We’re just advising that you make sure your clothes are clean and well-presented, you’ve taken a little bit of time to do your hair (and make-up if you want), and that your basic personal hygiene is top notch – we’re talking brushed teeth, fresh breath and clean hands. Oh, and don’t forget to smile – it will put you and your date at ease.

4. Mind your manners

It’s not just your behaviour and attitude towards your date that will be under scrutiny; a potential partner will also be alert to how you interact with other people – from waiting staff to bartenders, doorman to everyone else around you. Being polite and considerate will go a long way.

5. Show interest

When you’re nervous, it’s common to either clam up or talk non-stop. We agree, first dates can be nerve-wracking. Rather than focus on how nervous you’re feeling, try to ask lots of questions of your date and really listen to their answers. You’ll begin to make a connection, relax, and conversation will start to flow. We have lots of tips for first date conversation on our dating blog here.

So that’s it! Happy dating!