Why Should I Subscribe?

Friday, March 01st, 2019

There are thousands of online dating websites and apps available worldwide; some are free, some offer subscriptions and some offer a mix of both. Muddy Matches allows you to join the website, upload your profile text and photos, to view peoples’ profiles and to add people to your favourites list for free. You will then need to pay for a subscription if you would like to send messages to people, or to read the messages that you have been sent.

So why would you want to pay for an online dating website when there are free dating websites?

Go advert free

We are constantly bombarded with adverts everywhere we go and even if we decide to stay at home and watch TV. If you opt for a free dating website, you will find flashing banners and adverts at every turn that will slow you down and distract you from looking for your perfect man, or woman.


Paying for a dating website shows that you are committed to finding someone, rather than just browsing, or looking for a bit of a confidence boosts whilst already in a relationship.

Dedicated customer care

By paying for an online dating subscription, you are helping to pay for staff. At Muddy Matches, we have a team of people who read every single piece of profile text that is sent through to ensure that only genuinely ‘muddy’ people can join the website. We also check to see if anyone has included too many personal details in their profile text and we look to see if your photos fit in with our guidelines.

Active members

Subscription based websites are more likely to have active members than their free counterparts as people cancel their subscriptions when they meet someone. This is important when you are getting in contact with people.

Website safety

This level of investment also applies to the technical side of things. A paid-for website allows the company to invest in a good IT system and online safety measures to protect the personal details and payment details of its members.