Your Virtual Mixtape

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Mixtapes in their purest sense (those that are actually recorded on cassette tapes) may have gone out of fashion in the 1990s, but as Desert Island Discs demonstrates, music can reveal a lot about who you are and also about your life experiences. By creating a mixtape for your potential date, you can share experiences and open each other up to new styles of music.

How to make a virtual mixtape

If you want to send a romantic virtual mixtape to your date, then there is the option of creating a playlist using streaming services such as Spotify, a video streaming service such as YouTube, or a download site such as iTunes, or Amazon. Each of these websites, and many others, allow you to share playlists with a nominated recipient.

How to choose your songs

If you were to go on a Desert Island Discs, then you would be asked to include eight songs, one book and a luxury item. Eight songs is a manageable amount to put together and still enough to show a good range of songs, but anywhere between five and twelve songs is sensible. Aim to include your favourite song (obviously), one that reminds you of your family, one that you connect to a particularly happy memory (like your first holiday with friends) and a selection of songs that include your favourite artists and genres. Try not to limit yourself to love songs, unless they really are your favourite thing and don’t be embarrassed about including a few cheesy tunes if you enjoy listening to them.

Presenting your virtual mixtape

Sending your virtual mixtape across to your date gives you to the opportunity to explain what each song means to you and the memories that you associate with them. You can then ask your date to put together some songs for you to enjoy. Or, if podcasts are more your thing, you could share recommendations.