Valentine’s Day Dating

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, also known as one of the busiest times of the year for online dating websites (along with Boxing Day and New Year’s Day). Each year thousands of single people sign up to online dating websites just before Valentine’s Day, so there are lots of new people to view.

With so many people joining up, how do you stand out from the crowd and how can you secure yourself a big date?


It might seem like a trivial thing to just login to your account, but active members are prioritised on most dating websites to ensure that you aren’t trying to get in touch with people who haven’t been online in a long time. Login to your account, and while you are at it, take the opportunity to have a look at all of the new dating profiles that have been added to it.

Review your profile text

Take a look through your dating profile text and check that everything is still up-to-date and relevant. You don’t want to be wishing everyone a ‘Merry Christmas’ in February unless you are super keen. You can also add to your profile text if it is a little bit short.

Add more photographs

Your profile should include one good, clear Main Photo and a selection of additional photos that show people what you look like and what you enjoy doing. Ideally, your additional photos should include one full-length photograph and one photograph that shows you enjoying one of your favourite activities.

Say ‘hello’

Lots of people will be active online around Valentine’s Day, but not everyone will think to send a message to get the conversation started. Ideally your message should be tailored to incorporate what someone has said in their dating profile (to let them know why you are interested in them and what you have in common, as well as to show them that you aren’t just sending messages to everyone). However, saying ‘Hello, how are you?’ is better than saying nothing at all.