How to Deal with a Breakup

Sunday, February 03rd, 2019

Being dumped is upsetting, especially if you saw a future with that person. However hard it seems now, you will start to feel better and will begin to think about meeting someone new.

Look back over what you have gained

Did your ex encourage you to learn a new skill, visit a new place, or talk to new people? Think back about all the ways you have changed as a person since meeting them. Every relationship teaches us something about who we are and it gives us life experiences.

Be kind to yourself

If you want to cry and wail, then do so. If you want to go out with your friends and dance away your troubles, then go for it. Do whatever it takes to help you to feel better and don’t rush to get back to ‘normal’.

Get outside

Getting outside and connecting with nature is a great way to improve your mood, especially if you are an outdoorsy type of person. Wrap up warm and head out for a nice walk, while taking a mental note of all the beautiful wildlife that you encounter on your route.

Don’t pursue your ex

It’s completely natural to want to reason with your ex to see if you can convince them to take you back, but it will only prolong the pain at this stage. Try to have as little contact with them as possible and avoid asking their friends about how they are getting on.

Get back out there

When you have reached the point of acceptance and are happy to start seeing someone else, then you can sign up to an online dating website. Joining a niche dating website like Muddy Matches will mean that you will meet like-minded people who enjoy a rural lifestyle.

Start off slowly and try not to overthink things – dating should be enjoyable!