Mini Date Ideas

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

As discussed in our last post ‘Dating Tips for  Busy People‘, lots of our members live busy lives, which makes it hard to fit in time for online dating. Once you have impressed someone with your conversation skills online, you will want to arrange a date that fits in with your lifestyle.

Here are some quick date ideas that will help to get to know your date.

Coffee date

A coffee date is a great way to get to know someone as you will be able to chat without too much distraction and it allows you to get to know someone in a short period of time while getting your caffeine fix. This is why it is the most popular idea for a first date.

Lunch date

If you and your date happen to work close to one another, then you could squeeze in a lunch date in a local cafe. If you wear smart clothes to work, then you won’t even have to worry about getting dressed up especially for your date!

A lunch date is also a more casual option than a dinner date as most people only go for one course at lunchtime and generally forgo the option of candles and romantic music.

Skype/FaceTime date

A Skype/ FaceTime date may seem a little unconventional, but it will allow you to chat to one another (with the benefit of body language) if you live too far apart to meet up easily. If you enjoy your virtual date, then you can arrange to meet half-way, or to make a weekend of it by staying somewhere close to where they live.

Enjoy a fitness date

If keeping fit is an important part of your week, then you could meet up for a date that will help you to stick to your routine (just make sure that your beau is also a fitness fan). You could head to a climbing wall, try a dance class together, or go for a jog in a public park.