Dating is Harder for Men

Friday, January 18th, 2019

‘It’s so easy for women to find someone’ and ‘women just need to look nice and then they expect men to come to them’ are just two of the statements that we have heard from men who are finding it difficult to meet a woman online. So why is dating harder for men?

Men are expected to make the first move

Traditionally, men are expected to make the first move; online and in person. Even though we are moving away from stereotypes, many women still wait for men to get in contact with them, instead of initiating the conversation themselves.

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Fewer opportunities for enhancement

Push up bras, make-up, high heels, hair dye and slimming underwear are all aimed at women who wish to enhance the way that they look. There aren’t so many options designed for men who wish to change their appearance. However, you can change your style hairstyle, or shave differently if want to update your look. You can also opt for clothing that enhances your physique; for example, horizontal stripes can make you look broader, or well cut trousers can make you look slimmer.

Men put less effort into their profile text

If you look through thousands of men’s and women’s profiles (like we do when we read through all of the profiles that are sent through to us), you will notice that on the whole, men’s profiles are shorter than women’s are. Women tend to spend more time talking about their interests and they tend to include information about what they are looking for in a partner.

Including information about your likes and dislikes will let people know what you are like and will encourage them to get in touch with you.